What's New?

May 22 2024

Condeco Cloud

New! Quick book

The new ‘quick book’ option allows workspaces to be automatically allocated. This is useful when booking spaces such as parking spaces and lockers.

Booking slot logic

The booking logic for personal spaces has been enhanced to allow only 1 space of each workspace type to be booked for the same person at the same time.

Improved floor plan

Personal spaces occupied by colleagues who are not members of your team, are now indicated in gray, making it easier to spot your team and available spaces to book nearby.

May 22 2024

Condeco Analytics Advanced

Analytics access for Country and Location admins

Country and Location administrators can now be granted access to the Analytics module, which provides full access to the Condeco Analytics Advanced dashboards and all global data.

May 07 2024

Condeco Analytics Advanced

Improved filter for Working Styles dashboards

The ‘Day’ selection dropdown has been replaced with the new weekday selection buttons on the Working Styles dashboards, allowing you to quickly switch between the standard working weeks – Mon-Fri / Sun-Thu.

Quick hover-over tips and a new help button

We’ve added hover-over information icons to show details about the visualizations and metrics on the canvases.

In addition, each dashboard now includes a help button that leads directly to the specific Knowledge Center help page for the canvas.

Apr 30 2024

Condeco Cloud


The hover-over cards displayed on the floor plan for personal spaces have been restyled to match our Eptura branding.

Apr 30 2024

Condeco API 1.84.0

Improved APIs

  • Trigger ENS User Presence Notifications
  • Trigger ENS Meeting booking Notifications
  • Room booking API no longer overwrites Host/Requestor details
  • Personal space endpoints now return Desk type
  • Apr 20 2024

    Device Hub 3.28

    Bulk user upload improvements

    Bulk user upload files can now be sorted by Submitted date and Completed date.

    Apr 14 2024

    Condeco Microsoft 365 Integration

    Graph API Permissions

    We’ve taken advantage of Microsoft’s new Graph API ‘User.ReadBasic.All’ permission to reduce the scope of our access to customer data.

    Apr 13 2024

    Condeco Analytics Advanced

    New! Working Styles Dashboards

    We’ve introduced three new dashboards to provide visual insights into the distribution of presence in the workplace, meeting space usage, and average booking trends.

    Employees are categorized as Home, Club, or Hub workers, based on the average number of days per week they attended the workplace over the defined date range.

    Apr 09 2024

    Condeco API 1.83.0

    GET commands for Meeting spaces

    GET commands can now return Outlook calendar details for each booking.

    CheckInToLocation – Enhancements

  • The API can now set users’ location and check them into Personal space bookings, even when an admin has set the user to ‘Not working’ or ‘Working remotely’.
  • A webhook notification is now sent when a user is successfully checked into a Personal space.
  • ‘Push’ notification is now supported when a user is successfully checked into a Personal space.
  • Suppport for advanced recurrence patterns

    The API now supports ‘Advanced recurrence patterns’ on the booking endpoints

    Apr 05 2024

    Condeco Cloud

    Employees’ initials on floor plan

    The personal spaces floor plan now displays the initials of the person who has booked a space, making it easy to quickly identify where colleagues are sitting.