Publication: CoreNet Global

Beacon technology is also generating a lot of buzz as a real-time marketing tool for use in industries such as retail, entertainment and travel.  Beacon technology also can be applied to the office to help optimize the use of space and bring in greater personalization to maximize productivity.  Oftentimes, the reservation app might say that no space is available, when in reality half the meeting rooms are empty, says John T. Anderson, chief revenue officer at Condeco Software in Boston.  Condeco develops and delivers a variety of workplace solutions such as room booking, desk booking and occupancy sensing tools.  If a meeting ends early, beacon can send a message to John Doe asking if he wants to check-out.  In addition, beach tech allows for added personalized service.  For example, when someone reserves a room it also reserves other preferences, such as catering history.  “It is essentially freeing up that asset to use it, but also the employee is going to interact with real estate totally different tomorrow than they do today.” Anderson says.

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