Publication: FM World

Go back six, seven or even eight years and you’ll find a lot being said about the importance of space usage in these pages.

What does change is the way that use of space is measured. Technology has broadened the depth of detail in data we can expect, allowing for a greater variety in the response and the adoption of new working practices as a result. Walkthrough surveys remain an option, while technologies have progressed through video assessment to new generations of ever more capable sensors. The data is allowing companies such as Condeco to give clients illuminating insights and suggest new patterns of working. Andrew Howells, head of the company’s workplace consultancy, told me how one organisation was able to save money on slowing down the lifts during particularly untrafficked times. And then of course there are the more standard issues, such as identifying the fact that 40 per cent of meeting room appointments are not kept, meaning that hugely valuable space is going unoccupied.

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