The Formula One team increased efficiency across their two sites with the help of Condeco’s best in class software

London, 12th May 2015 – With office rents and business rates soaring at record levels, companies are under increasing pressure to maximize the existing office space they have, ensuring that it runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible to power growth.

The competitive global economy is putting pressure on businesses to perform productively, whilst cutting costs and this is no more intense than in the competitive world of Formula One motor racing. In an industry which is dictated by a competitive edge on and off the track, speed and efficiency are paramount to the agile running of all the separate cogs of a Formula One team.

The Sahara Force India Formula One Team is one of the fastest growing brands in F1 and has risen to become one of the sport’s most prominent success stories. The team has steadily improved over the last seven years and its global appeal has risen thanks to its strong on-track performance.

Sahara Force India was looking to mirror the speed they produce on the track with their external operations, but were held back by limited technology. The usage of their existing room booking system required constant maintenance and manual updating in order to keep the system functioning. This resulted in IT resources being diverted from more crucial aspects of the team to deal with this relatively mundane task.

Sahara Force India’s partnership with Condeco allows an agile and seamless integration between the team’s existing intranet and Condeco’s meeting room booking software. The resulting increased flexibility is also facilitated by a tie-in with Microsoft Outlook.

Bill Peters, CIO at Sahara Force India, commented: “As a result of the more streamlined process and better visibility, the business as a whole spends less time on administration and more time on its core business activities, which can only be a good thing. The Condeco system also delivers a more professional experience for our our key stakeholders, including sponsors and suppliers, which is very important to us.”

The decision was made to utilise Condeco’s meeting room booking software, as well as Condeco’s meeting room screens, after Sahara Force India had tested several options, but had found that only Condeco Software would work with their intranet. Sahara Force India now relies on Condeco’s meeting room booking software across their two sites and has fitted its meeting room screens outside of all Sahara Force India’s meeting rooms at their HQ in Silverstone, UK.

Paul Statham, CEO of Condeco Software says: “Sahara Force India operate in a fast and furious environment, where performance and efficiency is crucial in maintaining a competitive edge. They rely on talented engineers and drivers to stay on track, but they were in need of a system which would pull all their room booking processes in to one easy-to-use and intuitive system which would save them time, which in their industry, is their most valuable commodity.”

This shift to a more sophisticated and feature-rich system brought greater flexibility and awareness to the team at Sahara Force India. The booking process was streamlined and whilst in the past there were confusion as to when the meeting rooms were in use, with the advent of Condeco’s digital signage, there was less need to coordinate and manage meetings.

David Lippiatt, Senior IT Analyst at Sahara Force India added: “Formula One is all about looking good as well as performance, which is great as the screens look very slick. A few visitors have said how flash they look and when you walk up and press the start button on the screen, it feels very professional and innovative.”

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