On Tuesday 21st October Condeco will be talking about their cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) solution called Condeco Sense. Simon Cohen will give some of the world’s brightest minds a deep dive into the world of workplace technology.

Hundreds of thousands of Condeco Sensors are being used all over the world by some of the biggest organisations. The data the sensors collect is so powerful it can help to close underutilised buildings and save businesses millions of pounds per annum.

At the IoT Meetup, Simon will be explaining the problems that drove Condeco to their solution and demonstrating how the real-time data is captured and analysed live.

Simon Cohen thinks,

“ A world with IoT is inevitable, so technology companies such as ours will undoubtedly end up adopting this in some way or another. Fortunately Condeco have already begun, and our product is breaking new ground within the workplace. We’ve seen some astounding results so far by companies that have implemented our technology, it’s saving businesses tremendous amounts of money and time. As a leading workplace technology provider, we are committed to ensuring our technology is as advanced as it can be for our clients and their future. IoT is extremely fascinating and discussing our product with some of the world’s brightest minds will be an opportunity I’ll never forget.”

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