From 21st – 25th April, Condeco will be celebrating their latest product launch Condeco Sense, a workplace occupancy sensor that helps organisations better utilise their workplace.

Since the first client installations, Condeco Sense has revealed the actual peak utilisation of office space to be just 71%, struggling to make it over 50% on an average day.

Underutilisation is a problem facing every organisation no matter what type of industry, company size or country. Governments across the world are becoming increasingly concerned with carbon emissions and wasted real estate, forcing organisations to better utilise their space and reduce resources. Therefore companies are feeling a significant strain to save money and time, meaning the market for Condeco Sense couldn’t be more apparent.

“Our company was founded on demand for innovative technology, from some of the largest global corporations. Ever since then we have helped hundreds of organisations save money and improve the use of their office space. While doing this we are always striving to improve our technology and the latest development of our Sense product is a great example of that.” Andrew Howells, Head of Workspace Consultancy at Condeco.

Condeco Sense gathers 100% accurate data about how workplaces are being utilised as well as the different worker styles – mobile, flexible and fixed. This insight allows companies to introduce a more agile working environment with much higher efficiency levels.

The workplace occupancy sensor can be installed in existing buildings as well as new. Architects, Engineers and Project Managers can use Condeco Sense to plan a new workspace or when consolidating several buildings.

Over the week commencing 21st April, Condeco will be hosting a series of activities in line with the big launch, including the opportunity to win a £5000 Condeco Sense study, a Sense inspired cake in India, a Condeco Sense quiz in the US and global webinar demonstrating the products features and benefits.

You can follow all of our activities on twitter @CondecoSoftware or sign up for our product demonstration webinar here.

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