What's New?

Nov 06 2017

New features and functionality

Today Page

All users and admins who log into Enterprise will be shown the Today page. This page allows you to do the most common tasks. You can view your meeting room bookings and desk bookings for today. You can start, end or extend your room bookings.

You can also check into or release your desk bookings.

Desk Settings at Group Level

Most of the desk settings are now at Group level. This now enables you to have different business rules for each Group in the application, making it easier to create different types of workspaces that follow different booking rules.

Updates to Bookings with Service Items

Only updates that affect the service item, or delivery of the service item, will now cause a status change.

Support for Postmark

In 3.4, we’ve added support for Postmark allowing for advanced email features such as DKIM, SPF and DMARC.

Improved Cache

Cache now works completely on a time-to-live (TTL) format. This enables each web node to work in isolation, removing their dependencies on each other and increasing performance.