What's New?

Sep 30 2015

New features and functionality

New Booking Form

The room booking form has been improved to create an easy-to-use overview of the booking and improve the handling of multi-room bookings.

Delegate access

With Delegate Access in Enterprise 3.0, Outlook Add-in users can now set up to six Outlook Booking Delegates who can edit their bookings via the Outlook add-in. Delegate access can be set up by the user on their profile page or by an admin in the Users section.

Requires Condeco Outlook Add-in 6.1 and user permissions

Drag & Book

Allows a user to easily create bookings of durations longer than the default booking period.

Alternative rooms

When updating the date, time, or recurrence pattern of any booking, a new availability check is performed and alternative rooms are allocated when available.