What's New?

Aug 08 2018

Connect Update

Screen Health

We are introducing screen health reporting within the Connect admin portal. We are currently working on a firmware update which will allow screens to push data to the page and have plans for further enhancements in the future. The initial report will show a screen heartbeat and calendar connectivity status from any screen that had the firmware update. Screens without the update will show “not reported”.

Feb 13 2018

Connect Update

Support for Google Calendar

With Google G-Suite integration, you can now have Google Calendar as a calendar service.

Hide meeting organiser

You can now hide the meeting organiser name from the screen.

Delete users

Ability for admins to delete users.

Dec 18 2017

Connect Update

Support for Condeco Enterprise

We’ve added a new calendar service! You can now use Condeco Enterprise as the source of your booking data.

Nov 01 2017

Connect Update

Bulk user upload

You can now upload an Excel spreadsheet containing user information including PINs and RFID card values.

Lower power mode

Screens turn off their display and light after 20 seconds of inactivity outside of their business hours. Simply touch display to wake it back up.

Service Account calendar access

You can now use a Service Account to access a room
calendar from the screen. The Service Account must have delegate permissions on the

Oct 02 2017

Connect Update

Support for multiple calendars

You now have the option to configure more than one Exchange calendar service to connect to.  Each screen can be configured to point to a specific service, ideal for organisations that have use than one Exchange setup.

Support for multiple screen settings profiles

You can now set up more than one screen profile, to support different settings on different screens. For example, you could run a set of screens as display only devices, another set that enables users to book on the screen.

Delete booking on screen

You can now delete a booking from the screen, in case your plans have changed.

Support for hidden Wifi networks

You can now manually enter the details for a hidden Wifi network on the screen.

Sep 12 2017

Connect Update

Static IP Support

Static IP addresses now supported in network settings on the device.
A static IP can be set up when activating the device, or later by accessing device settings.

Aug 21 2017

Connect Update

URL Mode

Temporarily display a URL on the screens, for example for an event, or to display another booking solution. Simply set the URL with the room details in the admin portal.

Additional language support

The sign up and log in pages in the mobile apps and the portal are now available in French, German, Spanish and Italian in addition to English.

Jul 24 2017

Connect Update

Screen themes

Customise your screen’s UI with custom backgrounds and logo. Choose from a number of predefined themes, or create your own. You can create as many themes as you like, enabling you to theme every room, floor or building. You can also easily change the default themes to push out a new look and feel to all your screens in seconds.

Theme Selector

Dual RFID Card Support

Support for RFID cards with dual frequency. Select which frequency you want to support on your screens in the settings profile for the screens.

Easy deactivation

Want to redeploy a screen? You can now easily deactivate a screen and reset it to factory mode. You can also perform a factory reset on the screen itself using your admin password.