What's New?

May 25 2018

Condeco Enterprise 3.4.9

Skype for Business Integration

Condeco Enterprise and the Outlook add-in now integrate with Skype for Business. Automatically schedule a Skype for Business meeting when booking more than one SfB rooms. Easily add rooms to an existing SfB meeting. Easily add a SfB meeting to your room booking.

Outlook Add-in compatibility

Enterprise 3.4.9 now requires Outlook Add-in 6.3 or above. For Skype for Business Integration, Outlook Add-in 6.5 or above is required.

Apr 20 2018

Condeco Enterprise 3.4.8

Vendor timezones

Vendors can now switch between local time, the timezone of the specific booking – or “my” time, set by a new timezone field in the vendor’s user profile.

Same-day only desk booking

Desk booking can now be set up to allow same-day bookings only. Administrators can configure this at Group-level. This can be applied to either default and non-default group restrictions.

Region selection in legacy reports

Legacy reports can now be filtered by region. Note that ‘include regions’ must be set to ‘true’ in Global Setup.

Dec 04 2017

Condeco Enterprise 3.4.3

Security improvements for forms-based accounts

For users with forms accounts, we have made serval improvements that help prevent traversal attacks of known users in the database.

Improvements to Exchange Sync

Various improvements to Exchange synchronisation including the option to configure Sync in the Enterprise Configuration Utility, improved logging, improved password encryption and support of all day bookings.

Nov 06 2017

Condeco Enterprise 3.4

Today Page

All users and admins who log into Enterprise will be shown the Today page. This page allows you to do the most common tasks. You can view your meeting room bookings and desk bookings for today. You can start, end or extend your room bookings.

You can also check into or release your desk bookings.

Desk Settings at Group Level

Most of the desk settings are now at Group level. This now enables you to have different business rules for each Group in the application, making it easier to create different types of workspaces that follow different booking rules.

Updates to Bookings with Service Items

Only updates that affect the service item, or delivery of the service item, will now cause a status change.

Support for Postmark

In 3.4, we’ve added support for Postmark allowing for advanced email features such as DKIM, SPF and DMARC.

Improved Cache

Cache now works completely on a time-to-live (TTL) format. This enables each web node to work in isolation, removing their dependencies on each other and increasing performance.

Feb 08 2017

Condeco Enterprise 3.3

HR Feeds

Condeco Enterprise 3.3 introduces an improved automatic synchronization with HR feeds of user information and their group permissions. Automatically create, update, delete users, their attributes and group permissions, based on Active Directory information or other HR feeds. A new API enables clients to automatically update Outlook Delegates.

Crestron Integration

Enterprise 3.3 is now compatible with Crestron Fusion®. Roll out Condeco meeting room booking functionality using your existing Crestron room screens to view, start, end meetings and add appointments.

Cisco Phone Integration

With Enterprise 3.3 you can roll out a desk booking functionality with your existing Cisco® phone infrastructure. Use your Cisco phone to book, check in and release desk in a few simple steps.

Visitor improvements

Walk-in visitors can now be added to a meeting by searching for their company name, if their colleagues are already part of the meeting. Visitor arrival times can also be displayed directly on the booking grid..

Jul 11 2016

Condeco Enterprise 3.2

Desk inter-group booking

Desk users are now able to have different restrictions applied to their default group and all other non-default groups. For example, you could book two weeks in advance in your default group, but only one day in advance in other groups you have access to.

Desk booking with break periods

A new setting “Maximum Weeks Selectable” has been introduced so that you can book a desk even if you will be away for a period of time. For example, admin configures settings to book four weeks in advance but only on a maximum of two weeks: If you are going on holiday for two weeks, you can still book on the week when you will come back.

Admins can set users’ default location

Administrators can now set Default Locations from the User Administration page, so that users are not presented with the profile page upon first time login.

Meeting email reminders

Individual meeting reminders can now be enabled on a global level. This allows you to choose if and when you want to be sent an email reminder for your meeting.

Jan 20 2016

Condeco Enterprise 3.1

New languages

Enterprise 3.1 is now compatible with Japanese and Chinese simplified. You can select to display the application in these languages from the languages list in your profile settings.

Support for Safari and Edge browsers

Enterprise 3.1 is now fully compatible with Safari and Edge web browsers.

Enhanced security and stability

Enhancements to make Enterprise more secure, stable and maintainable, as well as improving performance.

Edit series with instances in the past in Outlook

With Enterprise 3.1 and Outlook Add-in 6.2 you can now edit a series which contains occurrences in the past. Future instances will be updated but the room bookings of past instances will remain as they are for reporting purposes.

Sep 30 2015

Condeco Enterprise 3.0

New Booking Form

The room booking form has been improved to create an easy-to-use overview of the booking and improve handling of multi-room bookings.

Delegate access

With Delegate Access in Enterprise 3.0, Outlook Add-in users can now set up to six Outlook Booking Delegates who can edit their bookings via the Outlook add-in. Delegate access can be set up by the user in their profile page or by an admin in the Users section.

Requires Condeco Outlook Add-in 6.1 and user permissions

Drag & Book

Allows a user to easily create bookings of durations longer than the default booking period.

Alternative rooms

When updating the date, time, or recurrence pattern of any booking, a new availability check is performed and alternative rooms are allocated when available.