What's New?

Apr 28 2021

Introducing Workspace types

New feature for Condeco – Workspace types

You can now configure different Workspace types for your meeting spaces and personal spaces giving greater flexibility when choosing and booking the right space in the workplace to work.

Workspace types for meeting spaces can be meeting rooms, huddle spaces, or any space where people meet to collaborate. Workspace types for personal spaces can be desks, pods, parking spaces, lockers, or any space used by an individual.


All Workspace types can have their own set of attributes so your users can refine searches to find a quiet desk with dual monitors and a high table, or a collaboration space with MS Teams equipment, or parking space with an electric charger, for example.

Feb 05 2021

Condeco software and feature improvements

Accessibility support for the Condeco web app

WCAG AA 2.1 accessibility standards have been applied to the following pages

  • Find a Room
  • Quick Room search
  • Contact tracing

    Admins can now run contact tracing reports for the last 14 days.

    Basic Resource Report

    The Basic Resource Report now includes a deployment column to identify if a room belongs to a self-managed, managed, or blind managed, group.

    Feb 03 2021

    Meeting Room Mobile app

    Language support

    Language support has been added for:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Jan 25 2021

    Desk Booking Mobile App

    Language support

    Language support has been added for:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Jan 07 2021

    Condeco software and feature improvements

    Accessibility support for the Condeco web app

    The following Condeco pages on the web application are now compatible with WCAG AA accessibility standards:

  • Find a Desk
  • Desk Booking form
  • Your Bookings for Desks
  • Floor Plan
  • Find a Colleague
  • Flexible availability of service items

    Service items can be quickly marked as active or inactive across a group of rooms. An availability date period can be applied to active items so they can only be requested for the time that they are available.

    Dec 03 2020

    Privacy option for desk bookings

    Choose whether to share working status and desk location

    An option has been added allowing users to choose if their status and whereabouts are visible to colleagues when using the desk booking Find a Colleague feature.

    Nov 05 2020

    Condeco calendar improvements

    Configure first day of week for different countries

    We listen to our customers’ suggestions on UserVoice and now each country calendar in Condeco can set either Sunday or Monday as the first day of the week.

    Oct 20 2020

    Condeco Outlook Add-in 6.6.11

    Improved recurrence pattern compatibility support with Exchange sync

    Now, if Exchange sync is enabled, recurrence patterns that are not supported by both MS Exchange and Condeco are prevented when creating or editing a booking using the Outlook COM+ Add-in.

    This ensures successful synchronization of bookings across Condeco and MS Exchange.

    Note: Requires 16 October 2020 Enterprise update or later.

    Oct 16 2020

    Condeco feature improvements

    Deep linking to the Booking form for Exchange Rooms

    Now you can easily add services to a booking that was not initially created through the web interface.

    When a booking is created in an Exchange-sync room via MS Outlook, an email is sent advising the services available in the room along with an option to “Add Services to my booking” which opens the booking form in Condeco.

    Additional reporting fields

    We’ve added additional fields to the desk booking reports: Username, Email, and Booking date.

    Support for long usernames

    Usernames of up to 100 characters are now supported.

    Sep 25 2020

    Condeco feature improvements

    Improved reporting

    The ‘Users in the Office Today’ report now includes all location details to show which desks are in use and who is sitting where.

    Hide room booking

    Room booking is now hidden for users who do not book meeting rooms. Users can easily unhide room booking by setting a default room booking group in their profile.

    Desk attributes

    It is now easier to identify desks matching specific needs such as dual monitors or docking station, etc., via the floor plan. Users can also configure default desk attributes in their profile so they are pre-selected when searching for a desk.