Covid-Safe Workplace Compliance

Empower employees to return to the office with confidence and deliver a great flexible working experience.

Reopen your office with confidence.

Careful management of desk and workspaces, meeting rooms, employee locations, and sanitization will be essential to meeting local guidelines for reopening your workplace.

Discover local compliance

COVID Secure place to work.

Get back to the office inline with government guidelines and safety compliance.

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Involve people in the steps undertaken to offer a safe and secure workplace. Ask for their feedback and how they feel.

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Remote working

Option to continue to work from home, third spaces, and the office – choosing the right environment for the workday activity.

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Physical distancing

Limit the number of employees coming into the office by reducing desk capacity and maintain physical distancing.

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Hygiene standards

Maintain cleanliness and sanitize workspaces after use and ensure sufficient sanitization stations are provided for personal use.

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Local Covid-Secure Workplace Compliance.

Select your location and understand how Condeco can help you comply with the local COVID-19 workplace guidelines.

United States Workplace Compliance

United States

Select a state to understand how Condeco can help you comply and reopen your office.

UK Covid-Safe Workplace Compliance

United Kingdom

Understand how Condeco can help you reopen your office and meet the UK Covid-Safe Workplace guidelines.


APAC COVIDSafe Workplace


Select a country to understand how Condeco can help you deliver a COVIDSafe Workplace.

Canadian COVID guidelines


Comply with Canada’s COVID-19 workspace guidance and reopen your office safely.


Solutions now, and for the future of work.

Software gets you safely back to the office today, and helps you transform you workspace for the future.

COVID-19 Workspace Management Software

COVID-Secure Workplace Mobile App

Reduce workspace density

  • Desks can be closed directly from interactive floorplans for distancing
  • Closed desks will be visible on floorplans for wayfinding but cannot be booked
  • Implement requirements for distancing variations

COVID-Secure Workplace Cleaning Software

Workspace sanitization

  • Cleaning workflow if there is a change of employee on desks
  • Only clean spaces that change user, saving time and cost
  • Indicate which spaces are clean and safe to use

COVID-Secure Office Contact Tracing App

Contact tracing

  • Record spaces used by each employee and store booking information in the database
  • Report on contacts of employees that test positive
  • Notify any affected employees as required

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Guide: The Post-COVID workplace

Free to download our guide on how to empower employees to return to the office with confidence.

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