Skype for Business

Condeco Meeting Room Booking Software with
Skype for Business video integration

Book your meetings with ease from one central solution;
click and join from anywhere.


Seamless Skype Meetings

Book, click, join to simplify your users experience

Book your meeting rooms, enable audio or visual functionality, organise hospitality as well as
visitor management from one central solution.

Condeco Skype for Business Outlook Integration

Connections automated

Book your meeting in MS Outlook, or directly in Condeco Meeting Room Booking and the cloud-based smart system auto detects whether two or more Skype rooms are being booked and automatically creates a Skype for Business conference in the meeting booking system.

Fully integrated booking

Schedule not only your Skype meeting from one central point, but schedule meeting visitors, hospitality and resources in one straight-forward booking process.

Condeco Skype for Business Video Conferencing
Condeco Skype for Business Video Conferencing Integration

Join anywhere

It’s simple to join from a meeting room with a Skype Room System, from a laptop or a mobile device; your automatic meeting invitation will allow you to click to join from wherever you want.

Key features

One click to join

Effortless meeting initiation and implementation, your meeting invitation will allow you to click to join the conference.

Simplified call launch

Meeting set up time is minimised through state-of-the-art technology integration, enabling the best user experience.

Microsoft Outlook

Book and launch video conferences directly through your MS Outlook Calendar.


Increased visibility of video usage through comprehensive reporting, analytics and statistics.

Fully integrated

Click-to-join meeting functionality enables seamless booking and set up of Skype rooms, participants and additional meeting resources.

Mixed video estate

Integrating with multiple manufacturers API’s allows you to have a mixed video estate with one consistent user experience.

Audio conferencing

Audio and video functionality is equally integrated, offering multiple meeting options.

Time zone synchronization

Cross continental time zones are all factored in to alleviate unnecessary hassle.

Simple Booking Process

It’s easy to create a meeting through Condeco Meeting Room Booking Software and the Skype for Business Integration


Skype Meeting Time Booking

1. Select the date and time for your meeting

Skype Meeting Rooms

2. Add your skype rooms to the meeting

Skype Meeting Management

3. Book meeting resources, such as catering

Skype Meeting Visitors

4. Select your meeting attendees and book in any visitors

Skype Meeting Invites

5. Schedule the meeting and invites are automatically sent to attendees

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