Condeco Outlook Integration

Make your bookings faster and easier.

With the Condeco Outlook Add-In you can make bookings and add extra services directly from your MS Outlook calendar.

Key Benefits for You

Condeco Reduce no-shows

Reduce no-shows

Ensure that when a meeting is cancelled it removes the meeting room booking at the same time.

Condeco Lower cost, higher efficiency


Enable people to book meetings with little or no training required.

Condeco quicker process

Quicker process

Handle all scheduling logistics in one place at one time.

Condeco outlook integration

Easy access

No additional logins are required because you schedule directly within your outlook.

Meetings made easy

With the Condeco Outlook Add-in you can allow room searches, services, visitors and video conference bookings to be made from within the Outlook calendar. Users can make the appointment in MS Outlook and invite appropriate attendees. By clicking on the room booking icon in the appointment window they’re able to search for a room and book it right there and then.

Book everything in one go

Video conference bookings display all the rooms as tabs to help users see all of the locations in the booking easily. This makes it simple to edit each location and add visitors and services. The Room & Connections tab shows all of the rooms in the booking and enables users to add external rooms or additional connections or services – such as meet and greet, virtual meeting rooms or link up directly with Cisco TMS or BT engage to bridge the call automatically.

Key Features

Condeco easy room search

Easy room search

Users can search for specific room criteria at their chosen time easily using the appointment window.

Condeco View multi-location availability

View multi-location availability

Users can easily view room availability at multiple locations, and save their view for frequent bookings.

Condeco visitors and services

Visitors and services

The Condeco Outlook Add-in lets users quickly add visitors and order available services.

Condeco multi-room booking

Multiple rooms bookings with one click

Our booking form shows selected rooms as tabs, enabling users to easily manage bookings at multiple locations and book with one click.

Condeco email notifications

Email notifications

Configurable email notification templates make it easy to inform users of what’s been booked across all locations.

Condeco auto video scheduling

Automatic video scheduling

Condeco will schedule the bridge automatically on TMS and BT Engage, negating the need to go to another tool.

Condeco additional service

Additional services and connections

Users can select conference specific services and additional connections such as Virtual Meeting Rooms simply.

Condeco move and cancel

Move and cancel

When users move their meeting, Condeco’s Outlook Add-in will check if the room is still available. When users delete the meeting, the booking is automatically cancelled.

Condeco has given us more time to do other things than just manage meeting rooms. Everything is self-serve and so much more fast paced.

Nicola Palmer, PA Concierge, AutoTrader

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