Floorplan-based workspace reservation on a touch screen

The Condeco Desk Kiosk is an attractive and intuitive way to enable flexible workspace booking from a visual floor plan.

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Reservation at your fingertips

The touch screen kiosk makes it easy to find available desks on a floor plan, manage bookings, check in, or find colleagues.



Touch in with your RFID access card

Through a built-in card reader, users can easily identify themselves with their standard RFID access card just by tapping their card.

RFID Card Reader

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Find people in the building

With Find a Colleague, you can easily locate your co-workers in the building.

People finding

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Reservation at your fingertips

Our kiosk gives your quick access to desk reservations, check in and management of your reservations, all with a touch of your access pass.


Quickly find a workspace that meets your needs on a visual floorplan – with just a few taps.


Check in & out

Touch in with your RFID access card and check in upon arrival, or check out when you are leaving.


Your bookings

See all your bookings in a list and easily find where your reserved workspace is located on a floorplan.


Touch in with your RFID access card

Quick access is critical in high-turnover spaces. That’s why our kiosks feature RFID access card readers. To log into the kiosk simply touch the device with your RFID card and your details will be instantly recognized. Most common RFID card types are supported*.

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Find a colleague

If everyone works flexibly, it’s important to have a way to locate people in the building. With Find a Colleague you can do just that. Simply search for a person and we show you where that person sits and any available spaces near your colleague. Book a workspace nearby with just one tap.

Desk Booking Screens

Enhance your flexible workspace with our intuitive touch screens for desks, offering simple touch-in, touch-out booking functionality.

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Desk Booking Screen

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Condeco Desk Booking Kiosk

Condeco Desk Booking Kiosk is a user-friendly touch screen unit that makes booking a workstation simple and effortless.

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