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Bring visibility of available space and straightforward reservation functionality into your flexible workspace with Condeco Desk Screens. The compact touch screen with LED status lights can easily be mounted to desks, offices and breakout spaces, and comes with smart features such as an RFID access card reader for simple touch-in/touch-out booking functionality.

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Show occupancy status

A bright LED light bar shows clearly if a space is available, awaiting check-in, or occupied.

Clear status

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Free up unused space

If users don’t check in, the desk can be released for others to book, helping you reduce space wasted on no-show bookings.

Desk management


Simply touch in and out

Simply touch the screen with your RFID access card to make a booking, and touch out to when you leave.

RFID Card Reader

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Versatile mounting

With three flexible mounting options, the screen is perfect for a range of different workspaces.

Mounting options

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Smart technology
that’s easy to use

The screen has a simple and straightforward experience that has virtually no learning curve.

Simple user interface

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Insights help you optimize
your workspace

Use reporting to understand how your desk areas are being used, enabling you make better planning decisions.


Management Icon

Show occupancy status

Provide excellent visibility of available workspaces with clear LED status lights and a bright color display.

LED Lights

The highly visible yet unobtrusive LED light bar helps people easily see which areas are booked and which ones are free, even from a distance. Red means the space is occupied, amber awaiting check-in, and green means the space is available.

A high-quality color touch screen provides excellent visibility from a wide viewing angle, showing the desk number and any booking details.

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Free up unused space

Automatically cancel reservations that no one turned up to. If people don’t check in, you can cancel the booking after a set amount of time, releasing the space for someone else to use. How long you give users to check in is up to you—you can set this period on a per-area or per-department basis in Condeco.


Simply touch in and out

To start a booking, make a new one, or to check out, simply touch the device with your RFID-enabled access card and your details will be instantly recognized. Most common RFID card types are supported*.

See how Oktra enabled agile working
with Condeco Desk Booking

“Using Condeco desk booking has allowed us to create workplace neighbourhoods; teams who work on the same discipline or department have priority booking. Using this technology allows us to truly embrace activity-based working.”

Nic Pryke, Design Director, Oktra

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Desk Edge Mounting Screen
Mounting Icon

Versatile mounting options

With three flexible mounting options, the screen is perfect for a range of different workspaces.

Desk edge

Mount the desk screen on the edge of the desk or table to separate it from the clutter of desktop equipment, providing excellent visibility.

Mount the screen on your desk dividers enables better visibility in areas with high desk partitions, or cubicles.

The screen can also be mounted onto any flat surface, ideal for offices.

Delight Icon

Smart technology that’s easy to use

The sleek and compact design complements your workspace. Vibrant LED status lights are color coded green for free, red for busy, making it easy to find and book available workspaces.

There is virtually no learning curve when using the desk screen. Simply touch in and out with your RFID card, and the device will automatically make or end your booking.

Reporting Icon

Insights help you optimize your workspace

The solution encompasses detailed reports to monitor how much space is being used, helping you to better understand the needs of your business, and plan for the future.

Desk Booking Screen
Desk Booking Screen

Technical facts

The screen can be easily fixed to a desk edge, a desk partition, or a wall, and can be connected to Wi-Fi. No Ethernet cable is required, and it can be powered by USB-C.

  • 640 x 360px LCD touch display
  • RFID Card Reader
  • Ring LED status light
  • Desk edge, desk divider or surface mounted


Display 640 x 360px LCD capacitive touch display
Touch Sensor Four wire resistive touch
LED Ring Light Bar Yes, to display status
Dimensions 85mm x 65mm x 10mm


Operational Temperature 59°F to 95°F (+15°C to +35°C)
Storage Temperature 32°F to 158°F (0°C to +70°C)


Operating System Android OS


Processor iMX series 7 processor
Permanent Storage 16GB storage
Power 5V external USB-C power supply
Additional Connectors Yes, to connect to external devices and accessories like occupancy sensors, charging cradle etc.
Network Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac dual-band, 2.4 GHz and 5GHz
RFID Card Reader HID Prox, HID iClass, Mifare and Desfire

Kiosk for your lobby

Kiosks help users to find a suitable workspace via a clear floor plan, check in to spaces, find colleagues and manage bookings.

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Condeco Desk Booking Screens

Our compact device comes packed with smart features, doesn’t break the bank, and can be fixed in multiple easy ways around your workplace.

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