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The Connect screen solution includes all of the key features, plus 24/7 support from just $35 per month.
Or purchase the screen upfront and subscribe on a annual basis to the service.
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Feature Description
LED status lights Red, amber and green 180 degree LED lights providing clear room status visibility, everyone can see from distance if the room is free or in use.
RFID card reader Your Connect screen comes with an inbuilt RFID card reader that supports a wide-range of access cards, enabling quick identification for booking and check-in.
Cloud-based platform All communications are secured using state of the art MS Azure cloud services, our screens connect directly to your calendar servers so no confidential meeting data is stored in the cloud.
Dedicated hardware Display meeting information directly from your Microsoft Exchange Calendar or Google Calendar and make bookings on a beautiful 10.1” touch screen.
Easy set-up With a simple set-up straight out of the box your business can look to Connect as quickly as your decision to install it. All you need is power source or Power over Ethernet cable to mount your screens, then you’ll be up and running in minutes.
Check-in and bump You can configure your screens to cancel no-show bookings if the organiser hasn’t checked in. This frees up unused space and helps you maximise availability.
Reporting Are you making the best use of your office space? Which rooms are most used? The cloud-based reporting gives you the insight to make better decisions and maximise your meeting room usage, with detailed reports of utilisation and no-shows.
Central management dashboard The quick and easy set-up will guide you through the whole process. Once an account is set up, follow the instructions to get started. Everything can be set up and managed from your central Connect dashboard in the Cloud.
Mobile App The Connect mobile app picks up the Bluetooth Beacon technology transmitted from the screens to display real-time availability of nearby rooms, for now and up to 8 hours in the future.
Automatic new features The future-proof screens remotely update with Over the Air updates, so you’re always getting the latest updates and new features directly.
Flexible subscription With subscription options to suit your needs, Connect scales from entry to enterprise. Get everything you need create better meetings, now, in one affordable package.



Simple, flexible pricing


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