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October 21, 2015

Condeco Software + Serraview provide smart space utilization

Of interest to facilities managers working to optimize their workspace utilization, Condeco Software and Serraview, two global providers of workplace management technology, announced a partnership this week that will provide enterprise clients with the tools needed to optimize their space utilization, move towards agile working, and support the productivity needs of their workforce in today’s… Read more »

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October 20, 2015

Future-Proofing Your FM Career

The digital revolution has transformed the way every company and every role operates, and no industry can ignore its impact — least of all facility management professionals. As this transition takes hold, FMs are challenged to break out of their often isolated traditional silos and take a cross-disciplinary digital approach to facility management to become… Read more »

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October 12, 2015

Companies turn to Condeco to Right Size Their Workspace

Travis Barrington focuses on Condeco, talking about the history of the company, how the business has risen by leading innovation in the marketplace and developing cutting edge technology. Powered by a global demand for smart technology in workplaces, Condeco’s presence in Americas is growing rapidly. The article highlights Condeco workspace occupancy sensors (Condeco Sense), a… Read more »


October 9, 2015

Change Marketing

Martin Brooker, Chief Operating Officer Condeco Software Americas gives an overview of change management approach in the HR industry. HR professionals should adopt the best marketing practices when encouraging workers to adopt changes, including in-depth knowledge of the target market, tailored communication tools and creativity. Martin shares a couple of examples on how to launch… Read more »

Publication: HRPA Today

October 1, 2015

Sensing Spaces

Lauren Dixon, Talent Management associate editor talks about the importance of space utilization and introduces the latest technology to transform your office: Condeco workspace occupancy sensors. She speaks with John T. Anderson, Chief Revenue Officer Condeco Software Americas on space utilization in various organizations and highlights one business case that has benefitted from over $12… Read more »

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