Connect NYC Breakfast Demo

Breakfast demonstrations have been scheduled for September and October to introduce the latest offering in the technology company’s suite of solutions, Condeco Connect

New York, NY – September 11, 2017 – Condeco, a leading office utilization, conference room, and workspace scheduling solutions company, announced today the availability of its new room booking service, Condeco Connect. Breakfast demonstrations in their Midtown New York City Showroom have been scheduled for September 19 and 22, and October 11 and 12, where new and existing customers are able to view the offering firsthand.

According to the technology company, the cloud-based offering using advanced technology digital screens simplifies the set-up, use, and ongoing operation of software-based meeting room management tools. Condeco Connect also has no upfront IT investment requirements, with time and money-saving attributes being an affordable option for businesses.

“We’re very excited to add Condeco Connect to our growing suite of workspace management software, and devices,” said Martin Brooker, CEO, Condeco-Americas. “The plug-‘n-play, cloud-based offering with its touch screen devices integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar* to deliver immediate room booking and valuable time management benefits for small- and medium-sized firms. Connect’s scalability and flexibility makes it ideal whether you are managing just a few meeting rooms or thousands across multiple locations.”

“To help introduce firms to Condeco Connect we’ll be hosting demonstrations and breakfast at our New York City Showroom,” continued Brooker. “We encourage individuals wanting to increase employee collaboration and meeting room efficiencies at their companies to sign up for a demo and join us to see our latest innovation for enhancing the office environment through technoloy.”

The features of the new solution of Condeco Connect include:

  • Digital Display Screens – with color coding to let users see at-a-glance if a meeting room is available, in use, or when it can be scheduled.
  • RFID Room Check-in – the RFID reader in each screen is compatible with most employee ID cards, so users can quickly swipe in and swipe out.
  • Mobile App – uses Beacon technology to let employees see real-time availability of rooms for up to 8 hours ahead of use so they can book rooms from anywhere.
  • Detailed Reporting – immediate online information about your room usage and no-shows helps firms make better decisions for current and future space allocations.
  • Flexible Pricing – highly affordable pricing options make it easy to enjoy Condeco Connect benefits.

Other Condeco Connect features include an automatic “bump” capability to cancel meetings after a time period that the firm determines – usually 15 minutes – and make the room available when an individual or group is a “no-show” for their scheduled meeting. Also, sign up and log in pages in the mobile app and portal are available in French, German, Spanish Italian, as well as English.

“Connect is helping employees quickly find the perfect space that meets their needs and schedule the meetings they require with colleagues; boosting collaboration throughout the company,” said Alison Dahlman, Vice President, Marketing, Condeco-Americas. “Connect simplifies the work day and makes a better meeting experience for everyone.”

Condeco, a recent “Best of Show” winner at InfoComm 2017 for its innovative Desk Screens. They are continuing to help businesses manage desk, office, meeting, and other critical workspace by simplifying booking and use processes for employees. And at the same time, provides the capabilities and data for firms to streamline requirements for costly office real estate. Condeco’s suite of connected workplace tools integrates meeting room software and desk booking software, desk hoteling, occupancy sensors, and video meetings.

*Connect for Google Calendar coming in 2018

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