Publication: Digital Strategy Consulting

The latest Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures show that the average adult spends more than 20 hours online a week, including time spent on the internet at work. Therefore, breakout spaces are a vital way for businesses across the world to help give staff a rest from the glare of their computer screen.

Some firms may be under the impression that such spaces are a luxury which they cannot afford. In order to address these concerns of many business leaders about whether they have sufficient space to create such zones, Condeco Software created Condeco Sense, a marketing first in sensory technology that enables business leaders to access accurate, real-time data on how their workspaces, meeting rooms and breakout spaces are used.

Debra Ward, Managing Director for EMEA at Condeco Software adds ‘By embracing technology, decision makers can now simply use data to re-arrange their workspace, which is vital when real estate is so costly. It gives businesses the power and information to drive change in their workplace, efficiently and effectively’.

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