Award-winning workplace solutions provider Condeco Software reaffirms commitment to funding cutting edge research and design with latest touch screen

London – 20 September 2015 – As the tech sector continues to power British growth, success stories such as Condeco Software are driving innovation. The organisation has yet again demonstrated its dedication to provide world-class workplace solution technology to clients across the globe with the release of the screen that harnesses the very newest technology to improve efficiency and strengthen competitive advantage.

The company is committed to expanding its Research and Development team to deliver an integrated ecosystem of products to enhance performance and improve workflows for organisations looking to make an emphatic statement about their corporate environment. A combination of overseas investment and a technical hub in Newcastle feed into Condeco ensuring that it retains its top tier research and development capability to expand its product suite. The Condeco ecosystem supplies a complete network of next-generation prestige tools for leading global businesses that integrate into their existing solutions.

The Touch 2 screen is the latest addition to the Condeco offering and provides a lightweight, streamlined design that adds a professional look to any fast-paced workspace. The Touch 2 is a device for forward-looking firms seeking to invest in state of the art offices and embrace an agile, engaging and collaborative office space.

The Touch 2 screen features PIN and RFID security measures to ensure that confidential discussions are not interrupted and reduce room booking clashes and conflicts. The simplicity and security of RFID-verified meeting rooms is in demand among elite global firms. The Touch 2 helps to manage resources by enabling businesses to gather essential real-time information about room booking and usage. It also integrates with any Microsoft Exchange and Outlook and the rest of Condeco product range. Additionally the Touch 2 can be upgraded to be Wi-Fi capable and can display detailed meeting information outside the room in 13 different languages as required by businesses operating in a globalised market.

As Bluetooth becomes an increasingly common workplace connectivity option, Condeco have ensured that businesses can have pre-existing infrastructure in place through the Touch 2’s in-built Bluetooth iBeacon which be available in early 2016 and will operate with Condeco’s next generation mobile app to automatically verify participants and start meetings. Despite commercial Bluetooth adoption still in the early stages, the Touch 2 features a future-proofed design that is able to adapt to rising corporate Bluetooth usage. The device is beautifully designed and value-engineered with a number of key upgrades creating a superior offering to the previous iteration but at a very competitive price positioning.

Condeco Founder and CEO Paul Statham commented: “The Touch 2 is part of an on-going programme of investment in workspace innovation and commitment to produce the very best business tools in workspace scheduling. In order to support our growing blue chip client base worldwide we are creating market leading technology to help them retain their competitive edge.

We want to always offer the very best tools to make people more productive, enable better connectivity and deliver accurate, incisive data analysis which can provide insights to help create a world-class agile working environment for a myriad set of stakeholders.”

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