London, 8th May 2015, – Paul Statham, CEO of London-based technology company Condeco Software, a global leader in workspace utilisation technology has achieved an annual turnover of $25m and created new wealth and jobs in 10 years of rapid growth, said: “Throughout this election campaign the Conservatives have trumpeted full employment during their time in power but there remains a real likelihood that a skills shortage could impede the momentum of fast-growth businesses.

“It is vital that the new government does everything it can to empower businesses with access to the skilled workforce they need to fuel expansion.

“David Cameron must not take his eye off the ball – there must be a focus on nurturing talent and supporting innovative businesses to drive growth if the UK is to remain competitive on the global stage.

“Fast-growth businesses like Condeco Software offer the UK so much in terms of growth and job creation. For instance, mid-size businesses now contribute £165bn to the UK’s GDP, up 33 per cent in five years.

“The importance of these businesses is made even clearer in the tech sector, with UK technology companies’ hiring reaching a record high.

“Fast-growth businesses need to be made a priority or there is a real risk of impairing these hugely successful companies’ growth, which would have a knock-on effect on the economy and job creation.

“The establishment also need to ensure that they do everything they can to stop the impending skills shortage. It should be a priority for the next government to enable our young people to fulfil their potential as our next generation of professionals and leaders.

“Opportunities such as apprenticeships are enormously beneficial for young people and businesses alike, and should be a central policy in both keeping youth unemployment down and ensuring future economic growth.”

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