Six tech companies have created a video to showcase how businesses can build for the future

06 May, LONDON: Six tech giants have teamed up with Europe’s leading IT infrastructure provider to urge companies to embrace technology to keep ahead of the curve.

In the modern world with its fast-moving economy, businesses must take steps to keep its employees constantly connected across the globe and use technology that will increase productivity and efficiency.
Computacenter, Europe’s preferred IT provider to enable users and their businesses, has produced a video highlighting “a day in the life of the connected enterprise” which showcases how companies can achieve a rich unified communications experience.

The leading IT infrastructure provider has teamed up with Condeco Software, CISCO, Intel, Panduit, Samsung, and HP for the video which follows a day in the life of a businesswoman.

Paul Statham, CEO of Condeco Software said: “Each working day is a collaborative journey and companies must embrace a range of technologies to drive momentum and provide the office of the future.

“Creating a flexible office with collaborative spaces is now a priority for fast-growth multi-national companies, as they look to attract and retain the world’s best talent.

“A flexible workspace, geared to the daily demands of evolving business will not only work towards supporting better employee engagement and satisfaction, but also seriously enhancing productivity.
“This video only showcases how much of an edge technology can give businesses, providing them with organisational agility, the ability to fully utilise its office space, and stay connected across the world at any time of the day.”

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