Initial findings show: desk utilisation under 40%

Meeting room ‘no-shows’ are running at 35%

London, 24th April 2014: Condeco, the global leading workspace scheduling software and hardware provider has announced the global roll-out of Condeco Sense, following successful implementations across 5000 desks in 17 companies. Condeco Sense is a workplace occupancy sensor that gathers real time and 100% accurate utilisation data. Data gathered to date shows that typically desk utilisation is running at under 40% with meeting room “no-shows” are typically 35%.

Condeco Sense uses a wireless sensor which allows companies to continually and accurately measure the true utilisation of any workspace including offices, desks, meeting rooms, and break-out areas. This data is allowing companies to identify real estate opportunities and implement advanced workplace strategies that create value right across the organisation.

Andrew Howells, Head of Workspace Consultancy at Condeco said: “Condeco Sense is revolutionising the way organisations are able to measure space utilisation, removing the need for traditional and expensive manual walk-through studies. By having a constant flow of utilisation data to hand, companies are able to accurately create an agile working environment, reduce real estate costs and decrease office churn. We are measuring thousands of spaces for companies from the US to Australia and seeing average desk utilisation rates rarely get above 40%. The data is a real eye opener for most companies as it instantly shows what the real estate options are.”

Condeco Sense is being marketed to companies across all sectors who recognise the importance of understanding how total workspace is being utilised, which can help identify the right amount and type of workspace they need to help their business become more efficient and effective.

Howells continues: “Condeco was founded in response to demand from businesses who simply wanted to know how to increase business efficiency. We have helped hundreds of organisations around the world save millions of dollars by improving the use of their office space. We are constantly striving to deliver the most powerful and effective solutions to the issue of office utilisation and the latest development of our Sense product is a great example of that. For the first time companies can now build their real estate plans using accurate empirical data”

When developing Condeco Sense, it was identified that the key challenge for companies in tackling this issue is usually down to the difficulty in identifying the underutilised buildings, meeting rooms and workspace due to lack of data.

Condeco Sense is a cloud-based solution that works independently of corporate networks with no impact on the IT department. The workplace occupancy sensor can be installed in existing buildings as well as new. Architects, Engineers and Project Managers can use Condeco Sense to plan a new workspace or when consolidating several buildings.


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