London – March 23, 2015 – With the workplace becoming increasingly fast-paced and complex, business leaders must ensure they invest in technology that empowers workers with collaboration rather than fostering isolation, says workspace utilisation and space scheduling market leader Condeco Software.

“Technology is constantly changing the way the workplace operates, but business should remember the reason they have an office in the first place is for their staff to work together,” says Peter Otto, Director of Product Strategy & Design at Condeco.

“Most workers now spend a quarter of their day reading and writing emails – often to people who are in the same room as them. Most of these endless emails could be cut out if correspondents could simply work near each other when needed, but most offices still make this very difficult. Cross-departmental collaboration is especially valuable, but even harder to arrange. Likewise finding a meeting room that meets your needs can often take as long as the meeting itself, especially if specific technology like additional large screens are needed.”

Condeco’s innovative Desk Booking Software enables users to easily find available desks and book places in advance to collaborate with colleagues using an interactive floor plan. A user-friendly interface and full mobile integration allows users to book and locate their desks at any time, creating a flexible and connected office environment.

When more specialised or private space is needed, Condeco takes the stress and effort out of the process with its Meeting Room Booking Software, tying every aspect of room booking into a single easy-to-use platform. The software dashboard synchronises with calendar tools and Condeco’s high quality, attractive digital signage, ensuring that desk and room space bookings are always displayed in real time at all locations to prevent double bookings.

Peter cautions that businesses looking to bring more technology into their workplace must ensure that it integrates seamlessly with the workflow and empowers users, rather than adding complexity that inadvertently damages the workflow. Interruptions during the day can cost mid-sized businesses £6.6m a year, and research from Deloitte recently found that 66 per cent of business leaders were concerned that their workers are overwhelmed with the modern work environment.

“Solutions need to be intuitive and easy to use if they are to improve the agility and productivity of a business,” he said. “With the right tools in place, business can enable their staff to keep up with the fast pace of the modern office by working together in a collaborative, supportive environment.”

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