When John T. Anderson stepped into the Chief Revenue Officer position at Condeco, he brought with him a wealth of software technology experience. In his nearly 30-year career, John has served in various executive roles, including Executive VP of Strategy and Business at Manhattan Software, and as President and CEO at PeopleCube, which was acquired by Asure Software in 2012.

We asked John for his perspectives on space utilization, technology in the workplace and in real estate planning, what it means for the c-suite and its impact on employee productivity.

Tell us more about yourself and what drives you.

Technology is a passion of mine and I’ve been privileged to work at both large and small companies over the past 30 years. At Condeco I see a real opportunity to put into play all of my varied skills and I’m excited to collaborate with such a bright and energized team.

What motivated you to join Condeco?

The potential of real estate and technology is so huge. Much of what people do today in real estate is based on low-tech mechanisms like spreadsheets or manual counting. The magnitude of what you can achieve planning and managing space at a strategic level has not yet been tapped; and the possibilities to move real estate strategy considerations into the c-suite are enormous.

It’s not about having a cubicle at work or an open plan or private offices. It’s about pulling insights from your colleagues, management teams, and analytics to best understand what makes an inspiring and productive space for your company’s specific needs. That’s really exciting for me.

I’m impressed with Condeco’s leadership in the space utilization arena. I’ve also been impressed with the Condeco team and the culture they’ve created. I have a lot respect for leaders like our CEO Paul Statham who embodies the characteristics I value: integrity and honesty.

What do you say about having a human touch versus being technology driven in the workplace? There are a lot of tools available right now, but how do you make it valuable for companies with a growing mobile workforce?

There is a lot of push and pull between employees’ ideal work environments and an executive management’s budgetary allowance to design, construct, and maintain a workspace. The concept of analyzing how space is actually being used is essential to understand employees’ preferences and identify traffic patterns in a workplace. This can be accomplished using passive, nonintrusive occupancy detectors such as Condeco Sense. Such data can truly lead to educated decisions on how to reconfigure space in order for companies to increase headcount without increasing real estate.

There are also interesting partnership opportunities to facilitate a consolidated approach when it comes to real estate and facilities management. What I look forward to is presenting global companies with innovative ideas on how to use methodologies and technologies to find that happy medium.

What do you hope to ignite at Condeco?

What motivates me the most is the wide open market in the U.S. – both direct and through the channel. Right now, real estate is the #2 cost in a budget sheet. If we can improve a company’s space utilization from 40% to 80%, then Condeco’s value proposition sets the company up to grow rapidly. Condeco’s solutions currently provide the best ROI and I’m excited to make efficient and strategic workspace utilization a reality for even more businesses.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

My son has pursued a path of entrepreneurship, and it’s very fulfilling to know I’ve made an impact on him as well as other individuals whom I’ve mentored in years past. You can say entrepreneurship is in my DNA.

To learn more about John T. Anderson’s move to Condeco see our Press Release.

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