Since 2007 Facilities Managers (FMs) all over the world have been celebrating annual World FM Day. This year World FM Day is taking place on the 4th of June across the globe.

The aim of the day is to shine light on the importance of the FM role within an organisation and raise the profile of the profession as a whole, among government, businesses and anywhere else an FM may influence like health & safety, productivity and the wellbeing of people in the workplace.

Every year has a theme of focus and this year’s is ‘Connected FM, Connected World – Global Knowledge Sharing’ which concentrates on our own organizations, how we understand our clients, how we can tailor and share
information and how to grow the profile of the wider industry.

Condeco work closely with FMs all over the world and know only too well the importance of this role within an organisation. We offer support to FMs in many ways including sponsoring key industry groups and events.

Condeco’s workplace management solutions can improve everyday life for an FM and help empower them to make real, beneficial changes in their company with significant results.

Whether it’s trying to squeeze a few more employees into your office or helping front of house ease the amount of daily requests, Condeco have the tools to assist.

If you’d like to find out more about how Condeco can help you, contact us today.

Otherwise, we’d like to wish all FMs out there a happy world FM day!

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