Condeco are proud to be sponsoring National Receptionists’ Day on Wednesday 14th, 2014. National Receptionists’ Day is dedicated to reflecting the importance and hard work of receptionists all over the world.

National Receptionists’ Day was first launched in 1991 in the US to celebrate the role of professional receptionists and is a special day to recognise and appreciate all the things that receptionists do for an organisation. Since then it has become a worldwide celebration for receptionists all over the world.

Receptionists, sometimes known as Directors of First Impressions, are on the front line of a business, often being the first people in contact with clients, customers and visitors via email, phone or in person. They give the first impression of their company, so ensuring this is a positive one is essential. But receptionists aren’t just a pretty face; they are often an extension of the sales and marketing program, or the ‘go to’ person for a company problem. Let’s face it, without our receptionists, companies wouldn’t run half as smoothly as they do.

Condeco have a range of products that alleviate receptionists from some of the problems they face every day and can considerably reduce the amount of time they have to spend managing their team’s requests.

Condeco Meeting Room Booking Software allows employees to book or request their own meeting rooms from looking at an online booking grid. This leaves receptionists free to get on with other daily tasks. Special permissions can be given to receptionists to accept these meeting room requests and prioritize certain meetings over others. Different types of meetings i.e. internal, external, private and conference meetings vary in colour so it’s easy to see which meetings are in progress and which can be moved. Condeco Meeting Room Booking Software also sends any visitor requests automatically to reception so they can prepare visitor passes in advance and know who to expect. This also lets employees add notes about any VIPs prior to their arrival which can make the visitors experience much more unique and special.

Condeco Desk Booking Software and Kiosks allow employees and contractors to locate an empty desk or colleague on their own, meaning receptionists don’t need to leave the front of house to seat a new person. It also allows receptionists to see who is sat where, and contact or direct somebody to their whereabouts without leaving their desk.

For more info about how our products can help receptionists, request a demonstration with one of our expert consultants here.

To find out more about National Receptionists’ Day click here.

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