On 6th May Condeco hosted their first event for the special interest group WIFM (Women in Facilities Management) who are part of the larger BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management) organisation. The event was titled: Aligning the property and facilities agenda: FM workspace toolkit.

The evening was a clear success with group members leaving the night inspired and encouraged. Condeco’s Simon Cohen enlightened the crowd as to how Facilities Managers can work with Property Managers to achieve beneficial organisational changes and develop cost saving initiatives. He also talked about the innovative technology now available to make a FMs life easier, more effective and more empowering.

FMs were split into workshop groups towards the beginning of the night to identify and discuss the different types of issues they find and face when trying to improve their workplaces. It was a great opportunity to share ideas and stories about how their different businesses approach pressing issues such as workplace utilisation. Some of the key findings were:

  • Surprisingly nearly a third of the group didn’t have any way of measuring their workplace utilisation in their business
  • The majority that do measure their workspace utilisation do it via surveys or manual walk-through studies
  • Nearly everyone thought their meeting rooms were used more than their desks
  • The problems FMs face when trying to make changes to their workspace are: a lack of understanding from C-level, conflict and resistance from fellow employees, budget and proof

Simon then demonstrated how many of these problems and traditional measuring techniques could be avoided by using innovative workplace occupancy sensors. This solution will provide an FM with 100% accurate real-time utilisation data; the sensors will empower a FM to take this information to property managers and C-level to enforce real valuable changes within their company.

Over the course of the evening Bruce Everest from Vodafone also took to the stage to tell his company’s story about how they dramatically changed their workplace to become a more flexible, collaborative environment with the help of utilisation technology.

Towards the end of the evening there was a chance for some networking with other FMs alongside some fresh canapés and drinks.

The whole event generated some fantastic social media activity and clearly displayed a triumphant evening. We’d like to thank everyone’s hard work for creating this event and give a special thanks to Scandinavian Business Seating for providing us with such a fantastic venue.

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