The big day arrived for the Condeco India team to move into their new office based in Gurgaon at DLF Cyber City within hailing distance of the cosmopolitan Cyber Hub and Delhi’s swanky new Gurgaon Metro.

In the last twelve months the Indian team has grown by 113% and let’s just say the old office was beginning to feel more like a can of sardines than a place of work.

The new workspace replicates the collaborative, agile working style used at the Condeco London HQ. As flexible working pioneers Condeco lead by example, so alongside workplace utilisation technology within the office, the seating arrangement and infrastructure have also been copied in-line with the successful London office. The move has resulted in a long list of positive attributes; the introduction of bright colours like purple and topaz has made the office look livelier and you can’t help but feel more energized when walking into the workspace.

The office is on the 14th floor from where the view is awe-inspiring. We have several breakout areas for employees to relax and engage in casual discussions whilst sipping coffee. With running workstations, the office is instantly more interactive and open. We have six conference rooms all equipped with LCD screens, of which three rooms have video conferencing facilities. In addition to the meeting rooms there is a boardroom with the capacity to seat twenty people and a Directors’ cabin. The support room has been designed to be sound proof and ensure world-class quality to our customers. Our front desk PRI’s (incoming telephone lines) are currently in-progress and every desk has Avaya connectivity with other Condeco offices across the world.

The Managing Director’s vision of taking Condeco to next level and the Director of Product Strategy and Design’s conceptualisation of a modern workplace has culminated in a state-of- the-art India office, retrofitted with latest modern gadgets and Condeco themed meeting room touch screens.

“The Condeco statement of intent as a company is to ensure an aesthetically pleasing, secure, productive and collaborative working environment for all our employees. I am confident this will mark the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the Condeco India story.” Varun Sharma, Group Development Director.

The new India office contact details are as follows:

Condeco Software Pvt. Ltd.
14th Floor, Building 10,
Tower C,
DLF Cyber City,

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