The new room-booking tool from Condeco and Regus can save businesses several hours a week in the time it takes to find and arrange external meeting rooms will be showcased at the ITM intelligence 2012 Conference this week 21st – 23rd May 2012.

The ‘Intelligence 2012’ conference has been chosen to showcase this exciting new product as this audience had an integral part in piloting and shaping the product.

The ITM conference is designed to deliver maximum interaction, networking and knowledge. At the same time several special Condeco Regus knowledge sessions are designed to deliver practical and useful lessons that will help demonstrate how a company can achieve huge cost savings by controlling meeting expense, driving global compliance and adopting a Video First travel policy.

The event is attended by over 350 senior professionals in the travel and meetings industry.

The Condeco Regus easy-to-use software App allows companies to book rooms all over the world in minutes. Given that, at present, they can spend several hours, sourcing an internal room, booking room resources, finding and inviting attendees, phoning external room providers, and managing and processing quotes, the solution can save users a huge amount of time during the year.

The partnership between Regus, the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces, and Condeco, a global leader in workspace management brings together Regus’s global network of workspaces and Condeco’s globally used room-management software and hardware to offer a complete Video First, Travel Policy.

Businesses are able to streamline their ability to find a room internally using Condeco by easily being able find and invite attendees through outlook, make better use of existing resources, such as Video communications, as well as manage rooms more efficiently by automatically making rooms available again in the case of a no-show. Then using Condeco’s software immediately access Regus’s global network of external rooms should they still not be able to find an internal room. This includes 4,500 meeting rooms and 1,200 video communication facilities at over 1200 business centres in 95 countries, courtesy of its partnership with Condeco.

The App, which is integrated with MS Outlook, lets users book space from their desktop, mobile phone or tablet when working in the office or on the move. The one-click system also removes the language barriers and time zone differences that staff may face when they try to book meeting space in a different country.

For more details and or to book a demonstration of any of the Condeco product range contact:
Matthew Shephard on +44 (0)20 7001 2055

Notes to editors:

  • Condeco is a leading global specialist in workspace management, space booking and utilisation solutions including digital screens. The Condeco software suite enables multinational corporations to SMEs to manage all aspects of the workplace with ease and fluidity.
  • The Condeco software solution incorporates desk booking, meeting room management software, digital signage, visitor management and event management. In addition, Condeco is multi-lingual and works across multiple times zones to enable bookings across the globe.
  • The solution is flexible, fully scalable and enables organisations to maximise the potential of their real estate in order to reduce costs improve efficiency and encourage a greener workplace.
  • Regus is the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces
  • Regus is the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces
  • This event was hosted at The Palace Hotel, Oxford Road, Manchester, M60 7HA
  • Tel +44 (0)20 7001 2020
  • For further information and images, please contact Mark Eltringham on 07970902115 or Pervez Gibbs, Head of Marketing at Condeco on 020 7001 2026

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