A meeting space is any space where people collaborate, for example, a meeting room, a huddle space, a board room, or a training room. Each individual meeting space resource must be assigned to a group to manage the booking rules and permissions and can be assigned a workspace type and have attributes set, to help your users find the best meeting space to suit their requirements.

Meeting spaces can be booked in five-minute increments.

How to create or edit a meeting space resource

  1. Navigate to Application Setup > Resources.
  2. Select the Country and choose Meeting spaces for the Resource Type.
  3. Edit a meeting space: To edit an existing meeting space, locate the room in the list or type the name of the meeting space in the search box. Click the Edit icon, or to permanently remove a meeting space, click the Bin icon.
  1. Create a meeting space: To create a new meeting space click Add Resource.
  2. Refer to the table and complete the fields for the resource.

    Meeting space fields Description
    Resource ID The unique value for the meeting space. The Resource ID is generated automatically and is only visible on the form when editing a space.
    Name Enter a name for the space. The name is displayed when choosing a space to book.
    Workspace type Select the type of workspace from the list.
    Status Indicates if the meeting space is open or closed for bookings.
    Group Select the group to manage the booking rules, etc.
    Location Select the meeting space location.
    Floor Select the floor where the space is located.
    Zone If zones are configured, select the zone where the space is located.
    QR code value The value of the QR code displayed at the meeting space used for checking in. Enable or disable QR scanning for the resource by toggling the Enabled box to the right.
    Vendor Select the Vendor who will manage requests for changes to seating arrangements and styles for the meeting space.
    Profile No longer in use.
    e164 Enter the international telephone dialing code.
    Dimensions Enter the dimensions of the space in metres
    Tel Extension Enter the telephone extension number for the space
    Supplier Cost per hour If applied, costs can be reported with Condeco Advanced Reports.
    Cost per hour If applied, costs can be reported with Condeco Advanced Reports.
    VAT Rate Select the VAT percentage rate from the list. Either 10, 15, 17.5, or 20.
    Minimum cost If a cost per hour is set, you can set a minimum cost that will be charged for a booking.
    Maximum cost If a cost per hour is set, you can set a maximum total cost that will be charged for a booking, regardless of the number of hours booked.
    Attached Virtual Meeting Room Tick to enter details of an available VMR for the space.
    VC Providers Select a VC provider from the list and click Add More to add multiple providers.
    Equipment mailbox For use with the Condeco Outlook Add-in. Enter the email address for a paired video equipment mailbox.
    Meeting Space Phone Num Enter the phone number for the meeting space (if any).
    Contact Name Enter a contact name for the meeting space (if any).
    Contact Phone Enter the contact’s phone number.
    Contact Email Enter the contact’s email address.
    Wayfinder URI URL to access the image for the meeting space (if any).
    Meeting space image Click to upload an image of the meeting space.
    Floor plan Click to upload floor plan.
    Meeting Space Messages: Enter information displayed when booking the meeting space. This information is also displayed when hovering over the meeting space on the booking grid.
    Additional Information Add notes useful for other administrators. The information added here is only visible on this page.
    Seating options See below.
  1. Seating options: Various seating options are available to select for meeting spaces. Choose the option that most represents the meeting space setup. Add the space capacity and set the Setup and Clean Down times (in minutes or hours) to block before and after bookings.
  1. At the top right of the form, tick the attributes available with the meeting space.
  1. Click Save or Save and add another when done.


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