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FAQ – Smart Calendar features and functions

  1. Our Condeco is on-premise, can we benefit from the Smart Calendar?

    Unfortunately, not. Your instance of Condeco must be on the Azure Cloud, and your organization must be on Microsoft 365.
  1. What access do you need to our users’ calendars?

    Condeco Smart Calendar needs calendar read and write access through Microsoft Graph API. Condeco only reads information that is required to create the booking, for example, the appointment title, time, recurrence pattern, and attendees, etc.

    You can scope out access by either denying or allowing access to specific users. In addition, all individual users must authorize access when installing the Add-in.

    See also Data access and security
  1. If access to a user’s calendar is not granted, how will that user book a meeting space?

    Users can still book via Condeco on the web or the Condeco mobile app.
  1. Can admins manage bookings created with the Add-in?

    Admins can move bookings created with the Add-in from one meeting space to another, using the grid or the booking form, but they cannot change the date or time of a booking.
  1. What happens if an appointment is moved to a different time but there are no suitable meeting spaces available?

    Users are sent an email notification and the location information is removed from the appointment. They can then open the appointment and perform a wider search to find a suitable meeting space.
  1. Will bookings that have been made via the mobile app or web app appear in the Outlook calendar?

    Not yet, but it is on the roadmap.
  1. If an appointment is moved using another Exchange connected calendar client such as the native calendar app in iOS or Android, will the Smart Calendar work?

    Yes, as soon as Exchange picks up the change Condeco will update the booking.
  1. How do users book a Teams or Zoom room?

    An administrator must pair a Condeco meeting space with an Exchange resource mailbox linked to the Teams or Zoom equipment in the meeting space. Users then book the Teams meeting in the Outlook appointment and open the Condeco Outlook add-in. When a user books the Teams or Zoom enabled meeting space, the Condeco Outlook add-in automatically invites the Exchange mailbox as an attendee. The in-room equipment looks at the Exchange resource calendar to show the details of the meeting.
  1. Can resources be booked directly through Microsoft Teams?

    This functionality will be added soon! Our new Condeco Teams bot which is scheduled for release in early September 2022, allows meeting spaces to be booked using MS Teams.
  1. Does Smart Calendar support other in-room video conferencing systems?

    The Smart Calendar can support any Video Conferencing system that can be scheduled through an Exchange mailbox.
  1. Can other types of resources be scheduled through the Condeco Outlook add-in?

    The Condeco Outlook add-in supports all types of meeting spaces in Condeco. Personal spaces, such as desks, lockers, and parking spaces, are not bookable through the Condeco Outlook add-in.
  1. Does Smart Calendar support bookings in multiple locations and/or meeting spaces?

    Not yet. Support for multiple locations and meeting spaces is on the roadmap.
  1. Are Managed meeting spaces supported?

    Yes, available managed meeting spaces are listed in the search results and show a “Request” button instead of “Book”. Requested meeting spaces are marked as Pending or Confirmed in Condeco, but the status is not indicated in the Outlook appointment yet. This is on the roadmap.
  1. Are blind managed meeting spaces supported?

    No, only self-managed and managed meeting spaces are supported. We are not planning support for blind-managed meeting spaces at present.
  1. Are linked meeting spaces supported?

    No, the meeting spaces that make up a linked group will not automatically link when booked with Smart Calendar, each meeting space must be booked independently.
  1. Are setup and clean-down times supported?

    Yes, setup and clean-down times are automatically applied, and the availability search considers these when offering suitable meeting spaces.
  1. If a service is added to an existing booking, will set up and clean-down times be added automatically?

    Yes, as this is done in the web interface the full validation will happen.
  1. Can a service item be added to a booking?

    If a meeting space offering service items is booked, an email listing the options and including a direct link to the Condeco booking form, is sent to the user. The service items can be ordered from the booking form.
  1. Can additional meeting space or service information be viewed? (For example, pictures of meeting spaces, notification times on catering items, etc.)

    Not yet, but this is on the roadmap.
  1. Are Condeco’s ‘specific’ recurrence patterns supported?

    No, recurrence patterns must match the recurrence patterns supported by Outlook. Outlook does not offer an equivalent to Condeco’s ‘specific’ recurrence pattern.
  1. If attendees are invited to a recurring meeting and the meeting space is changed, are attendees automatically notified of the change?

    Yes, attendees receive an automatic calendar update.
  1. If a single booking within a recurrence is moved, is it separated from the series?

    Yes. The behavior is the same as Outlook, the booking is separated from the series.
  1. When searching for an alternative meeting space, are meeting spaces belonging to different groups listed?

    No, only alternate meeting spaces in the group specified in the search are listed, but we may add this functionality in a later release.
  1. What happens to bookings if a meeting space is closed in Condeco?

    When a meeting space is closed for a period, all bookings for that period are immediately canceled. The users are notified by email of the cancellation, but the meeting space must be manually removed from the appointment by the user. In a later release to Smart Calendar, the meeting space will be automatically removed from the appointment and an alternate meeting space booked.

    Closed meeting spaces do not appear in search results.
  1. Can additional fields be added? (For example, cost center).

    No, not at present.
  1. If the language for MS Outlook is different from the language selected in the Condeco user profile, which does Smart Calendar and Condeco Outlook add-in use?

    Smart Calendar and the Condeco Outlook add-in will default to the language set in the Condeco user profile.
  1. What email notifications does Smart Calendar send?

    Smart Calendar generates email notifications for the following events:
  • One-time-key user registration: When a user starts the Condeco Outlook Add-in for the first time, an access code is sent to the user via email.
  • Automatic alternative (single instance): If an alternative meeting space is selected by Smart Calendar when a meeting is moved on the Outlook calendar, the organizer and attendees are notified via email.
  • Automatic alternatives (recurrence): If alternative meeting space(s) are selected by Smart Calendar when the chosen meeting space is not available for all the dates of a recurring meeting, the organizer and attendees are notified via email.
  • Booking declined: If a requested booking is declined by an administrator, the organizer is notified via email.
  • Room services email: If a meeting space providing services is booked, the meeting organizer is sent an email listing the available services and containing a direct link to request the service items from the Condeco web app.

    Email notifications from Smart Calendar are not customizable.


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