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What is a personal space?

A personal space is any space used by just one person. For example, a desk, an office, a parking space, or a locker.

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Workspace types for Personal spaces

Depending on your organization’s setup, your workspaces may be categorized by workspace type allowing you to specify exactly the type of space(s) you need to book when visiting the workplace. Workspace types for personal spaces can be desks, lockers, offices, parking spaces, or any other type of space a user may need to book when visiting the workplace. Available workspace types depend on your organization’s configuration.

Workspace types for personal spaces are further divided between spaces where you work (desk/office etc.) and other bookable spaces (parking/locker, etc.). When a personal space set as a workspace is booked, your working status is set to ‘in the office’. However, booking a personal space that does not have workspace enabled, does not change your working status.

Personal spaces where you work have Workspace enabled

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Booking types for Personal spaces

There are three booking types for personal spaces – fixed, flexi, and bookable.

Fixed workspaces

A fixed workspace is assigned to a user (semi) permanently. Assigned users are automatically checked in and when not in use, fixed workspaces can be released to make them available to others to book.

If a user assigned to a fixed workspace books a different personal space, their assigned workspace is automatically released for the period that the alternative personal space has been booked.

Once a fixed workspace is released, it behaves like a regular bookable personal space and can be booked by anyone with appropriate permissions.

Flexi workspaces

A flexi workspace is similar to a fixed workspace as it can also be allocated to a particular user for a specific period and released when no longer needed. However, unlike a fixed workspace, check-in is not automatic so the user must check-in following the normal rules. If the user does not check-in the booking is bumped and the personal space is available for booking by others.

Once a flexi workspace is released or bumped, it behaves like a regular bookable personal space and can be booked by anyone with appropriate booking permissions.

Bookable workspaces

A bookable workspace is free to be booked by anyone with appropriate booking permissions.

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Booking Allowances

If your organization has applied monthly or weekly booking allowances, you can choose which dates you would like to work in the office and collaborate with colleagues, but you are restricted to a maximum number of days you can book in any one month or week. If Booking Allowances are enabled, your remaining allowance is displayed when making a booking using *Book a personal space.

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