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About Vendors and Vendor contacts A Vendor is a group or company supplying items or services and is assigned to one or more locations in your organization. A Vendor Contact is a user who monitors the Vendor dashboard and provides the service. Your organization…

Creating and editing Vendors

Return to Office features » Cleaning workflow and cleaning vendors » Creating and editing Vendors

Learn how to create and edit vendors and vendor contacts in the Condeco Configuration Guide

Cleaning workflow and cleaning vendors

Return to Office features » Cleaning workflow and cleaning vendors

This page has moved to Cleaning workflow for personal spaces

Vendor dashboard for personal spaces

Vendors » Vendor dashboard for personal spaces

A cleaning vendor contact monitors cleaning tasks on the Vendor Dashboard. The dashboard displays the status of cleaning tasks and when they need to be done. Admin-enabled vendor contacts can plan and manage tasks from the dashboard by changing the task status and…

Condeco Home

Condeco Home

Welcome to Condeco Space Booking The Condeco home page is displayed when the Today page is closed. The menu across the top is always visible and the options are explained below. The modules listed on the left are dependant on both your organization’s…

Today page

Return to Office features » User guide for Return to Office on the web » Today page

Condeco’s Today Page summarizes all your personal space and meeting space bookings for the day and is the first page you see after logging onto the web application. With Return to Office enabled, the Today page also shows where you are working on the current…