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Transfer bookings

User Management » Managing bookings » Transfer bookings

Bookings can be transferred from one user to another. For example, if a user is leaving, or if a name change has resulted in a duplicate account, you may wish to move all bookings to the appropriate user. All room and delivery point bookings where the user is a…

Deleting a user

User Management » Managing users » Deleting a user

!Deleting a user cannot be undone! If you are unsure, we recommend deactivating a user instead. To delete a user, open the user’s profile and click the Delete user button. When deleting a user you must decide whether to transfer their bookings to another user…

Viewing / Editing user profiles

User Management » Managing users » Viewing / Editing user profiles

How to find and open a user’s profile To find a user, start typing their name in the Find a user… field at the top of the page and press Enter. Up to five of the most relevant users will be listed in the results. Click the user you wish to edit, to open…

User Management

User Management

The User Management module was launched in January 2020 and is available for Condeco Cloud. We have simplified the entire user management experience and added lots of useful functions and a new interface. New features include: Easily manage groups and…

Delete bookings

User Management » Managing bookings » Delete bookings

When a user is deleted, their bookings may also be deleted. This helps to free-up rooms or desks which may otherwise be occupied by unwanted bookings. What is deleted? All future meeting room bookings and delivery point bookings, where the user is the host. All…