Financial heads must move beyond the budget to help shape their business

Innovative technology can help create a workplace culture that will help a business thrive.

25th June 2015, London – Nearly nine million people in the UK want to work flexibly, according to a new report, and it is up to businesses to adapt to this cultural change. Finance leaders will be looking at investing in technology that will save them millions of pounds, but they need to look beyond that and take responsibility for embracing innovations that will help them shape the culture of their office and create a workplace of the future.

New research by Ernst & Young (EY) revealed that 8.7million people in the UK want flexible working, while 82 per cent of managers believe that flexible working benefits their business. Growth is always at the top of the agenda for the UK’s leading companies, especially now with the country nearing full employment and occupied office floor space jumping 44 per cent in 2014 in London, the biggest surge since the financial crash.

Paul Statham, CEO of Condeco Software, said: “Commercial property is incredibly expensive in the UK and worldwide rental prices are looking set to continue to increase. However, even though more organisations now encourage flexible and remote working, the average London company of around 1,000 staff could be wasting as much as £3 million per year on excess office space.

“The workplace is becoming increasingly fast-paced and complex, so business leaders must ensure they invest in technology that empowers workers with collaborative spaces and allows the freedom for flexible or remote working. With office space standing at a business’ second most costly asset, financial heads are missing a huge opportunity by failing to implement technology into the workspace. This technology would not only save millions of pounds, but more importantly it will help them shape an office which reflects the demands of the workforce for a smart, flexible, environment – thus helping companies attract and retain the best talent.”
EY discovered that £8.5bn could be added to the UK from flexible working, through more productive use of available flexible working hours. The research revealed that two out of three firms say that flexible working helps motivation, commitment and employee relations. This leads to a more productive workforce.
Moving into new, bigger, premises was once the benchmark for success. However, Condeco Software discovered that average office workspace utilisation can be as low as 38 per cent.

Paul Statham adds: “Business leaders can really take control and shape their companies’ by investing in technology, such as Condeco’s solutions, which gives them unprecedented information to make a truly smart and agile office.

“Technology is constantly changing the way the workforce operates, and it can help make the workplace experience better for employees as it easier for staff do the one thing offices were meant to do – work together.

“Condeco’s solutions make it much easier for this to happen and for collaborative working spaces to be planned and used effectively. It’s surprising how many leading companies rely on using out-dated methods like a clipboard, or using a spreadsheet, to book and measure meetings and desk space. Companies rely on basic information like an employee headcount to see if they have outgrown their office.”

Condeco Sense, a market first in sensor technology enables business leaders to access accurate, real-time data on how their workspace is being used. Sense uniquely deploys mesh networking technology, enabling hundreds of devices to run through a single gateway to create a sensor of unparalleled cost-effectiveness and size. Unlike manual surveys, which can be mislead by items left on desks and provide no visibility of a working day, the devices collect motion and heat data, with a complex algorithm identifying the actual usage of a given space.

Condeco’s range of products, including Condeco Sense and its meeting room and desk booking software, can help business leaders shape their companies and maximise the potential of the office, driving momentum and growth.

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