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March 26, 2015

WDM Philadelphia Talk – “The Technology Of Workplace Collaboration”

6pm - 8pm

The topic of this Condeco-sponsored talk is “The Technology of Workplace Collaboration,” and there will be a panel of experts to discuss everything from how to seamlessly integrate the latest technology into your workplace and where to turn for expert advice on technology to support collaboration, to why even analogue tools like dry-erase paint can… Read more »

March 12, 2015

Harnessing the power of workplace utilisation data

When Big Data first became a thing, everyone talked about the potential. With all that knowledge you could advertise smartly, design better products, and optimise machinery. Well it’s true, big data has the potential to change industries; and the corporate real estate industry is no different. Workspace utilisation data has become a necessary part of… Read more »

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