Nottingham City Council owned 25,600m2 of floor space for 2,300 employees, across six different locations. These assets were core resources for the council, so it was essential that changes were made without disrupting any services.

An initial survey identified some key areas to address. The two most notable findings were that at any one time, only half of the workstations were occupied, and that formal meeting rooms remained empty for 40% of the day. The ownership of desks needed to stop being a matter of right, and instead become dependent on need and job function. The survey revealed it would be perfectly feasible to reduce the desk to occupant ratio from 100% to 70% – a ratio of 7 desks for every 10 people.

This required a culture change, and the need for staff to embrace the new principles. A move to a newly acquired property in the city centre was the perfect catalyst to implement these changes. This was also an opportunity for the council to accommodate everybody comfortably in 17,600 m2, with a space saving of nearly 1/3 overall.

“Condeco has helped manage the workspace in a way that has underpinned the business case and delivered all the planned savings.”

— Geoffrey Hibbert, Director of Property & Workplace Strategy, Nottingham City Council 



The move was managed by Nottingham City Council’s workplace strategy team. They carried out an extensive review of workspace management solutions, and concluded that Condeco meeting room booking software and Condeco desk booking software were ideal to manage 100 meeting rooms, 1,930 workstations, 190 parking bays and visitors at their new HQ.

Condeco offered graphical floor plans for desk booking, which allowed employees to search across various elements, including physical location, workstation features and user needs. The software allowed a facility to allow groups of rooms to be managed by a dedicated resource booking team. Visitors could also be managed more efficiently: they are now automatically logged in at reception, and passes can be prepared in advance. A comprehensive reporting system also provided a range of management reports, including space utilisation and resource costs, so Nottingham City Council can keep track of their space in the future.

The Products Used

Meeting Room Booking IconMeeting room booking

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Desk Booking IconDesk booking solutions

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0.9 Million

in workspace savings


Meeting rooms installed with meeting room booking software and meeting room touch screens


Employees across 6 locations

Room Booking Icon100 meeting rooms installed with Condeco’s meeting room booking software

Room Management IconSupporting 2300 employees with their workspace needs more effectively

Space Saving Icon£3.9mil savings a year due to move and consolidation


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Nottingham City Council Case Study

Nottingham City Council embraces a connected office to optimise their space and improve workplace efficiency.

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