Workplace Occupancy Sensing

Study and measure how your workspace is being used

Gain an accurate insight about your space so you can plan long-term workplace strategies.

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Solve your workplace challenges

Improve office space usage

Improve office space usage
Wireless occupancy sensors collect data anonymously, measure your workspace, and give you accurate insight about your usage.

Reduce your real estate costs

Reduce your real estate costs
Wireless occupancy sensors detect heat and motion and collect data that can be used to reconfigure and optimize real estate portfolios.

Instant online access to powerful reports

Instant online access to powerful reports
Occupancy sensors track office space utilization in real time and can help you manage a floor plan.

No impact on IT

No impact on IT
Sense operates on a wireless mesh network that is connected straight to the cloud, totally separate from your organization’s IT network.

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What is Condeco Sense?

Condeco Sense (Occupancy Sensing) is a wireless sensor that measures and monitors your workspace. These discreet sensors can be installed throughout the workplace to gain an advanced understanding of your workspace occupancy, and your true real estate costs.

With Condeco Sense, companies can understand how teams work, allocate space accordingly, and develop ongoing cost-saving initiatives.


The case for Sense

With companies offering more flexibility, employees spend less time at their desks and split their time among meetings, collaborative breakout spaces, or video conference rooms. Condeco Sense helps you understand your workforce’s varying work patterns and respond to their changing needs.


One tool, limitless possibilities

Traditional walk-through audits can be both intrusive and inconclusive. Condeco Sense provides everything you need for the duration of an occupancy study, whether it’s for a month or a year, to fully measure the usage of every workspace.






Most businesses assume workspaces are utilized 60-70% of the time. But the reality is often quite different…

Average office utilisation

Average office utilization

Average peak office utilisation

Average peak office utilization

Average meeting room no-shows

Average meeting room no-shows

Intelligent data analysis

The Sense reporting console helps you analyze the data. You can get reports by time, location, or specific groups and departments. You can create custom tags for desks, to report on specific desk types. Comprehensive charts show usage over time, helping you understand trends across weeks, days and months. If that’s not enough, you can also export all of the data to Microsoft Excel and run your own analysis.

A hassle-free fully managed solution

Your Sense installation is fully managed and serviced, taking away the headache of managing internal resources. Implementation is simple and non-invasive, usually taking place after business hours or on weekends. The discreet wireless device fixes into place either under a desk or in the measured area. The whole solution runs outside of your companies IT network, saving long approval processes. And because you rent the sensors, there is no capital outlay. We manage, monitor and service the installations, allowing you to concentrate on managing your real estate.

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Key Features

Average office utilisation

Small and discreet wireless sensors

Our small and discreet wireless sensors can be easily fixed under desks and tables.

Average office utilisation

Real-time data capture

The sensors connect to the wireless network and start reporting in real-time.

Average office utilisation

Intelligent data analysis

Sense analyzes the data and filters out any noise.

Average office utilisation

Cloud-based reporting portal

The reporting portal enables you to see occupancy data for locations, departments and even single desks or meeting rooms.

Average office utilisation

Powerful charts and reports

Occupancy data is visualized and presented in clear, actionable numbers.

Average office utilisation

Low energy consumption

The sensors consume little energy and the batteries can run for up to 2 years.

Average office utilisation

Outside your IT network

Sense runs completely outside existing IT infrastructure, on a self-healing wireless mesh network.

Average office utilisation

Fully managed service

We fully manage and monitor your Sense installation for you.

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