Thursday 12th July 2018

As we reach the halfway point of the calendar year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on everything that has passed in 2018, and everything that’s ahead of us. When it comes to the workplace, it’s never a good idea to rest on your laurels, particularly if you’re looking to reach targets, increase productivity and harbour a more collaborative atmosphere.

Here are three helpful tips for setting workplace goals for the rest of 2018:

1. Gather feedback

This is the number one thing you should always do before setting goals or making changes to your workspace. By listening to what employees want and need, you’re able to make the most appropriate changes. As the Chief Operating Officer at a UK technology firm told the Modern Workplace 2018: People, Places & Technology Report,

“We started off very open planand collaborative with no dividers between desks, but the survey said this was too noisy, so we reconfigured it. The next survey said we need more quiet spaces especially for client calls and more meeting rooms, so we changed the balance between open and quiet areas.”

Clearly, by surveying employees and making necessary changes, this organisation was better prepared, and more effective overall.

2. Identify priorities

There is always lingering pressure, both from inside and outside the workplace, to adjust to particular business trends or take ‘hot topics’ into account. While it may seem smart to tackle big issues early, sometimes it might make more sense to take the path of least resistance, and bide your time instead. A perfect example of this is the increasing impetus on environmental issues – while you should absolutely consider tackling these where possible, as workplace technology evolves, it will do much of the energy saving on our behalf. As The Modern Workplace Report found, environmental consciousness is one of the lower priorities for those surveyed, and perhaps this is because business leaders are aware of the expected technological changes to come.

3. Use your best judgement

Setting common goals for a workplace can be a tricky tightrope to walk – so always use your best judgement. For example, the Modern Workplace Report found that many business leaders are keen to employ new sensor technology to help increase productivity, however, they also voiced concerns that this type of tech may be viewed as ‘spying’ on employees, or that it may have a negative impact upon morale. Clearly, there is a conflict here, and it is up to any goal setter to find the balance.

Remember that major changes are more likely to cause major upset – if in doubt, build small and steady steps towards larger goals.

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