Tuesday 4th August 2015

First impressions count

Within 2-3 seconds of walking into your building, a visitor is already making up their mind about what kind of business it is and if they like it. Whether it’s an interviewee, client or caterer, they’ll be assessing and judging your facilities instantly, so it is essential to make a good first impression.

The importance of reception

Receptionists, sometimes known as Directors of First Impressions, are on the front line of a business, often being the first people in contact with clients, customers and visitors via email, phone or in person. Reception impacts a visitor’s first impression of the company, so ensuring this is a positive one is vital for a business. Something as simple as not acknowledging a new visitor straightaway could be harmful for your company.

Technology is here to help

Visitor_ManagementTechnology can help businesses improve their visitor’s experience by easing queues. For example people can check-in themselves using a visitor kiosk – but be beware, people generally like human interaction when they arrive somewhere new. Plus, having a receptionist to handle the arrival of visitors also allows a company to create an atmosphere and brand impression.

One way of combining technology and human interaction is by using reliable visitor management software.

Room booking software can have this feature built-in, which will send any visitor requests automatically to reception, so that they can prepare visitor passes in advance and know whom to expect. The system will also let employees add notes about any VIPs prior to their arrival, making the visitor experience even more special and unique.

A…, B…, C…

Visitor management systems mean that guests no longer have to spell out their names for the receptionist. They also mean guests don’t end up sitting for 20 minutes whilst reception try to locate the host to tell them that their visitor has arrived. Once a visitor does arrive, an instant notification can be sent to the meeting organiser to let them know that they are waiting, minimising wait times and freeing up reception.

Invest in impressions

Businesses need to invest as much money and attention in their reception areas as they do in their canteen or boardrooms, arguably even more so. After all these visitors could turn into long-term employees, partners or customers and making a bad impression could ultimately impact business relationships, attracting new talent and generating sales.

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