Tuesday 4th September 2018

The landscape of video conferencing has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Many businesses have realised the benefits: global collaboration, employee productivity and cost saving on travel. Giving global teams the opportunity to collaborate ‘face-to-face’ via technology has had a tremendous impact.

What will the future of Video Conferencing bring to our workplaces? Condeco’s own global industry experts share their insight:

Craig Seager, Director of Sales:

The video conferencing market is predicted to grow 20% each year – this will only continue as tech-giants (such as Google and Amazon) are now entering the space, having an advantage with their huge numbers of registered users. Another aspect is scalability – video conferencing technology must be able to handle higher activity rates, given the spread of video conferencing across business channels. Research shows that integration between video conferencing and other communications tools will need to be a main point of focus moving forward, as companies strive to give users the best possible experience across channels.

“Two fifths of global business leaders report an increase in the number of video conference calls” The Modern Workplace Report, 2018

Chris Gale, Director Worldwide Channel and Alliances:

From a Partner perspective, I see the world of video conferencing and IT continuing to merge. With the arrival of tools like Skype for Business, there is an increasing need for integration and consultation. Partners now must possess a more extensive range of skills to meet increasingly complex customer demands.

“Employees Multitasking on phone calls is 57%, but reduces to 4% on Video ConferencingSuccessful Video Meeting Integrations Infographic

Michelle Hendey, Customer Success Manager:

The way people interact has changed. When video conferencing was first introduced, it was a way to cut down on travel expenses; it was clunky and there was little trust in it. As business demands grow, so too will workplace management technology. There will be a rise in the trust we place on video conferencing. AV technician roles will merge into IT, as front of house services become more and more tech savvy, directly managing workplace technology. There will also be a significant rise in the use of mobile video conferencing, as the modern workforce continues to grow in flexibility.

Augmented Reality is projected to reach revenue around $120 billion

Nick Robson, Global Professional Services Director:

The combination of video conferencing and augmented reality will be a future trend in our workplaces. Pokémon Go may be a game, but we could be seeing similar AR technology enhancing our workspaces, which is very exciting – think of augmented reality meetings. You could be dialling into your video meeting and having your customers, suppliers or colleagues right there in the meeting space with you.

Video Conferencing Calls have increased 41%” – The Modern Workplace Report

Andrew Mason, Global Human Resources Director:

The increasing use of video conferencing allows HR the ability to be far more proactive. Technologies such as Skype allow us to connect to candidates outside of our organisation, in any location. We predict a future trend of higher quality resolution via video meetings; in recruitment, this gives us the option of a full interview process. We’re able to have a deeper understanding of the individual’s attitude, reaction and body language.

“43% of employees are motivated by new technology” – Successful Video Meeting Integrations Infographic

Jack Wren, Inside Sales:

The future of video conferencing is exciting. I’m part of the ‘smartphone generation’ and have had my own personal form of video conferencing with platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for the last few years. The future is bright for workplace technology, and I’m sure it won’t be long until designers merge 3D technology and video conferencing with our mobile devices, including specialised glasses to allow only the user to view the call – making us all truly remote workers!

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