Thursday 4th March 2021
Safer physical meetings

Virtual working and collaboration have led the way throughout the pandemic for obvious reasons. However, in certain situations, there really is no substitute for face-to-face meetings, and enabling them will be an important consideration for businesses, however the future world of work takes shape.

Allowing people to meet physically in business environments without endangering their health and safety is a tricky conundrum, but it’s one that our partner Proxyclick has been hard at work solving. Founded in 2008 and with offices in New York, Singapore and Brussels, the company had already established itself as a leader in cloud-based visitor management working with top global enterprises, but quickly recognized a new need in light of the pandemic.

Michael Mazzarella, Director of Partnerships at Proxyclick explains that “with the emergence of the pandemic, we have witnessed the necessity of strengthening the workplace safety requirements. We have had to react to market demands and adapt our solutions to support businesses in continuing their operations during lockdowns or in reopening their offices in the post-lockdown period. This includes safe management of incoming employees, contractors, and visitors, while also adhering to guidelines on preventing the spread of the virus.”

Technology enabling strategy

Proxyclick’s philosophy is that every organization must have a clear plan on what reopening their office looks like. The day-to-day activities of employees are an important part of that, but how visitors interact with employees and with the facilities of a building is also critical to allowing the business to function fully while still minimizing risk.

Safer physical meetings

Michael Mazzarella mentions that an effective way of achieving this is through adopting a contactless approach for as many physical touchpoints as possible and that “it’s crucial for employers to ensure the hygiene and safety of all the employees, contractors, and visitors on the premises”. The changing workplace requires innovative, collaborative solutions that prioritize safety and security, without compromising on smoothness, efficiency, a warm welcome, and a great system for people flow management.

Contactless solutions need to rise and become imperative to return to the new workplace, and these technological applications can help keep the employees and visitors safe from health risks. Contactless engagements and interactions can help streamline on-premises accessibility, identifying high-touch areas and reducing workplace touchpoints through touch-less experiences that don’t require physical contact.

Seamless, contactless, safe

To make this contactless vision a reality, Proxyclick teamed up with us to integrate our meeting room management software with their own suite of visitor management solutions.

Safer physical meetings

The end-result is a comprehensive and safe process for organizing meetings involving external visitors, which generally runs as follows:

  • A meeting room is booked via our management software and the key information is pushed through to Proxyclick.
  • Proxyclick solutions send an email to the external visitor with all relevant meeting and check-in information, including health & safety pre-screening, on-premises guidelines, as well as how to get from reception to the meeting room.
  • On arrival, the visitor checks in at the contactless-enabled kiosk, and then proceeds to the meeting room using the directions provided.
  • A notification via email, or via their workflow tool such as Microsoft Teams or Slack, is then sent to the meeting organizer to inform them of the visitor’s presence, so that they can greet them at the meeting room directly.

This flexible cloud-based approach minimizes any human contact or touching of hardware throughout the meeting and visitor management process. And as Michael Mazzarella explains, “further integration and functionality included in the system goes the extra mile in keeping people safe.”

“Our solution also communicates necessary guidelines and sends documents to sign before individuals arrive on-site, screens all individuals in advance via easily customizable digital health questionnaires, and tracks and provides real-time data reports on anyone who steps foot on the premises in order to enable contact tracing. And by integrating with Condeco meeting room booking solutions, we can also ensure physical distancing measures are met within these rooms. All this provides peace of mind for employers and employees alike in the transition back to the workplace.”

Proxyclick has been able to bring safe meeting solutions to its business customers by being part of our partner program. Find out how you can join us and help transform your customers’ workspaces here.

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