Wednesday 17th October 2018

Condeco has expanded my knowledge on multiple topics since my very first day. Not only have they helped me develop my technological skills, but also my interpersonal skills, allowing me to become a stronger thought leader.

To give you a little background information on myself, my name is Brooke Nial, I am currently 18 years old and I started my internship with Condeco shortly after leaving sixth form. I have always had a strong passion for technology, studying ICT and Computer Science throughout my entire time at school.

What I love most about technology is the un-predictableness of where it may go, and the excitement of the potential future tech. By this, I mean that it is impossible to say what new technologies we are going to have in the next 30 years, and how they are going to affect our lives. I wonder if they knew 30 years ago that you wouldn’t need a huge box and disks to listen to music in the future?

Being a digital native/Gen Z, I have always had gadgets and gizmos to enhance my learning, and now I use it for entertainment and work purposes. I think I would be pretty lost with ‘dial-up internet’… not being able to use the phone and internet at the same time? Crazy.

My love of Technology

Technology is the main infrastructure of my life. It controls how I communicate with friends and family, it is one of the main elements responsible for my entertainment, and simply, it’s just cool! I love how beneficial the tech we take for granted can be; if ever I am lost, bored, happy or anything, I will have some sort of gadget nearby to help me.

From my early appetite for technology, I knew that I wanted to be working in a tech company. Near the end of my time at sixth form, I began looking for full-time jobs and came across many interesting-looking companies, but there was one that stood out more than the rest: Condeco. I was intrigued by their passion for not only technological thought leadership, but workplace innovation, and their hunger to always improve the way we work.

I have learnt so much from my time in their London offices – not just about the working world of technology, but about myself too.

I found my interest in marketing during my GCSEs, so what better way to combine my two working hobbies than to join the Digital Marketing team at a leading tech company?! My biggest fears were not being able to do the work assigned to me, and not being able to communicate with anyone properly, knowing they would all be older than me.

Well, I was completely wrong. Everyone was incredibly helpful throughout my entire journey, explaining the depths of how to execute my work, why my work is important and how MY work was beneficial to Condeco.

They immediately made me feel like a valued member of the team, even though I was a complete marketing novice.

My work as the ‘marketing intern‘ consisted of every element of marketing: they wanted me to have a feel of every sector, to help me find my niche. My tasks ranged from designing newsletters and leaflets, helping to arrange global events and to even launch my own campaign in the US.

My time as an intern at Condeco

Condeco Digital Marketing Team

Continuous learning

I learnt many valuable, transferable skills which I will carry with me forever, continuously learning and adapting more. How to follow guidelines, thinking outside-of-the-box, all the fancy marketing and tech-y words, I’m surprised my brain hasn’t exploded with all of my new talents!

I would highly recommend an internship with Condeco to anyone looking to start out in a tech company, no matter how old you are. I always felt welcomed and important. And, as well as meeting some genius people, everyone is fun and friendly, giving you a great work/life balance the moment you walk in the door. They don’t need any motivation for innovation because they are creating the cutting-edge ideas every single day. The open plan office is amazing for collaboration – everyone works with everyone and it works perfectly.

As my journey at Condeco comes to an end, I will miss all the amazing people I worked closely with. The motivation bouncing around the office will always stay with me, pushing me to do my best, and I will forever be an innovative thought leader.

Brooke Nial, Digital Marketing Intern

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