Friday 8th June 2018

…My story: by Elliott Statham

Here at Condeco HQ in London, we are lucky enough to have all five generations working under one roof (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Zennials, Millennials and Gen Z). I’m very proud to be part of this team, and as a “Generation Z’der”, I have found this experience to be both hard work but also very rewarding. I managed the Front of House desk at Condeco’s London office, with the role exceeding my expectations. I’ve now moved into more of a sales function and I’m part of the successful Inside Sales Team.

This has been my first ‘proper‘ job, and it has been and continues to be an exciting and major learning curve.


I had preconceptions of the workplace; and dare I say, I thought it would be a dull and draining experience. I had images of a workplace with no life or energy, colleagues not communicating and everybody clock watching. This is not the case; although it is hard work, it is also fun, rewarding, and everyone is very collaborative and encouraging.

Reality check

Within the first few days, my entire perception of a workplace had completely changed. When I managed front of house, this ensured I had plenty of time to interact with everybody who entered the office. Now, part of the Inside Sales team, I get to interact with more of my colleagues on different levels. Everyone is very friendly, and this made it easy to settle in. The workplace is a total contrast to my preconceptions, all my colleagues are engaging, collaborative and work together as a united team.

There are plenty of laughs with a friendly atmosphere. 


I have a variety of tasks, enquiries and questions throughout my work day. I really enjoy engaging with clients on the phone and assisting each one with their queries. I have a true sense of accomplishment and feel as though I have helped the business.

There are plenty of incentives within the office set up aimed at boosting employee morale, giving the team a feeling of appreciation! I would love to be involved with more employee events, as it’s a chance to meet more of the team I haven’t yet engaged with.

The future

The future for me is exciting. I will soon be returning to University to study Real Estate; and when I eventually return to the workplace, it will be an exciting adventure.

Within the workplace, technology is playing an important part; where we will see an office full of holograms, and colleagues from all over the globe being able to work and collaborate in one room, working fluently in a virtual office workplace.

My experience in the workplace has taught me many skills, but my biggest take away would be developing my people skills. On a daily basis I interact with colleagues, clients and suppliers, and in just a few weeks I have now develop a new-found confidence!

Thank you Elliott Statham, Condeco Inside Sales Representative for writing this article.

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