Friday 9th February 2018

Here at Condeco, technology is at the heart of what we do and our passion for enabling our clients to revolutionise their environments is always top of mind.

We understand our clients’ need to have a workplace that nurtures the creativity and collaboration of their employees to drive success in their organisation.

We have collated the top 14 thought leadership articles from our team at Condeco, covering a range of topics including; workplace design, space management, employee engagement, collaboration, wellness and technological advancements.

Here are our top 14 articles for February:

It’s all about the layout!

5 meeting room layout designs for every occasion

Modern-day business is experiencing a digital revolution. Today’s organisations are embracing the benefits of technology, and seizing the opportunities offered by advancements such as flexible working, desk sharing, and unified communications. Yet despite the ever-changing landscape, there is one cornerstone of business that remains stoic – the meeting room.

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Let’s get agile!

The agile worker is…working

Redcentric research found that 54 per cent of UK office workers are currently able to work remotely, with 30 per cent feeling that their productivity increases when they work away from the office. Yet, a large number of employers are still reluctant to encourage home working.

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You light up my life

How can you reduce energy consumption in the office?

Companies typically overspend on their real estate. Occupancy sensors can collect usage data that allows to cut costs by pinpointing what companies need, and how to adapt it to their dynamic workforce. Energy is also subject to waste, which is why more emphasis should be put on practices for reducing energy consumption in the office.

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You + Me = Collaboration

Five ways to improve office collaboration

Collaborative working styles are something business leaders often look for in their new employees. But what many don’t consider is how the office space itself can encourage collaboration. Below are five ways to improve employee collaboration by changing the space around them.

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Let’s get flexible

Flexible working: It’s here to stay

There’s no denying that flexible working is here to stay and is now a fundamental part of the modern workplace environment. Throughout Simon Cohen, Head of UK Partners and Alliances career at Condeco, he has witnessed the deployment of multiple ‘new ways’ of working.

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Roses are red, violets are blue…

The psychology of colour in the workplace

Colour has a major effect on our outlook and can fundamentally change how we respond to space, with our moods, emotions and feelings reacting to different shades and colour combinations. Take the fast food giants, their branding is perfectly designed for their target market, utilising a combination of red and yellow, the affect is speed and quickness, creating a high turnover of customers.

What’s your preferred colour choice?

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Get a room

5 Reasons why now is the time for better meeting room management

Let’s face it… managing meeting room space can be just plain maddening. Is a room reserved, and if so, at what time? “We were told the room was booked, but it sure looks empty.” “Do I have to coordinate meeting rooms through the receptionist? What if he’s not available?”

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You’re so SaaS

Security and the world of SaaS

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has become one of the most widely-used and successful forms of software deployment in the digital age. With the worldwide market for cloud services worth $204bn in 2016 alone (source), SaaS rules the B2B world.

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Let’s get coffee

The Coffice – is the way we work shifting?

Imagine the ultimate working environment that millennials are embracing: super-fast Wi-Fi, freshly brewed coffee, food supplies aplenty, and loads of other people all around, quietly getting on with their work. The ingredients are simple: Half coffee shop (café), half office = The Coffice.

One sugar or two?

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Show me your utilisation

The importance of workplace utilisation data when planning your office

Whether planning a new office or updating existing office space, possessing the knowledge of how your employees use your current space is essential in creating your most effective work environment. Gathering data via robust and accurate reporting within the workplace will provide you with this knowledge, with the following metrics being key.

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Lets get engaged

Five employee benefits to enhance your workspace

Employee benefits enhance your business offering, enabling you to attract and retain employees, improve staff well-being and enhance internal engagement. Technology giants such as Google, Salesforce, Amazon and Facebook have been changing the landscape of traditional offices for quite some time now.

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You had me at hello

Video vs Audio… Which outranks the other?

Video integrated meetings are big news, yet many employees are still clinging to the more traditional audio conference, or conference call. While conference calls certainly have their place in the modern workplace, video conferencing offers a multitude of advantages, many of which can help improve the value of communications in the workplace.

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Embracing technology

What are the biggest technology disruptions in the workplace

Disruption in the workplace, is a trending topic regularly debated, as it has relevance across all industries. Technology and disruption go hand-in-hand and have played a fundamental part in the constant changing way we work.

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I sense you love me

One year of learnings from Condeco Sense

Having implemented the Condeco Desk Booking Solution at Barclays, Andy realised that helping companies maximize their workspace was his new full-time passion. He has helped a number of clients get a clear view of their workspace utilisation needs and designed custom portfolio optimsation strategies to maximise that workspace, becoming the go-to expert on Condeco Sense and for all things workspace utilisation.

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*This article was compiled by Claire Roper, UK Digital Marketing Manager at Condeco

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