Thursday 9th July 2015

Technology has changed the way people work in many ways, but especially in how employees collaborate with each other. Collaboration is about support, constructive feedback and enhancing the work of others.

But, what is collaboration in the workplace?

It’s using the right tools to communicate, share and develop projects in a more strategic and efficient method.

38% of workers feel there is not enough collaboration in the workplace

Companies first need to implement a collaborative culture. This can be extremely difficult because it requires a new mindset from employees and especially from the management team. The change needs to come from the key decision makers of the company and extend outwards across every level of employee.

A good way to start building a collaborative culture is by creating a digital community. To achieve this you need to choose a platform that promotes sharing and communication in an integrative way like: Yammer, Slack and Jive.

Online platforms are not the only way to create a collaborative culture. New technologies and solutions have emerged to support HR and IT departments, and improve the working experience, as well as help create agile organizations. Good examples are wearable technologies that can improve the safety of employees and room booking software that organize space utilization.

So, how can we create a collaborative culture?

  1. Support – You need full support from your management team. They need to set a positive example to rest of the company by supporting activities that encourage collaborative behavior in the workplace.
  2. Open environment – Create an open communication environment where employees feel encouraged to share their ideas with the rest of the team.
  3. Recognition – Share success stories among the rest of the company, this serves both as a reminder, and positive reinforcement that collaborative working works.
  4. Rewards – Develop a reward system for good practices. This will encourage others to do the same.
  5. Team building – Organize team-building activities that will allow people to collaborate.


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