Thursday 26th April 2018

Condeco continues to pioneer the workspace management industry, with leading technology and solutions. It is through a collective team unit and collaborative efforts from all of our global offices that our product suite is developed and enhanced.

Condeco offices are located in London, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Stockholm, Zurich, Dubai, New York, San Jose, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong and Gurgaon.

Gurgaon, India

Condeco’s Gurgaon workspace is dedicated to the Engineering and Support functions of the company; and what took a few months of planning, materialised into the grand opening of the new offices earlier this year.

Condeco Workspace - Gurgaon, India

This new office space comes soon after the opening of the Condeco Innovation Centre in Newcastle.

Why the move to the new space?

As Condeco continues to grow its global presence, we too had outgrown our previous office space, and as such, a new space was required. Due to the density of the layout, it was important to find a new space that supported the needs of the engineering team who required periods of concentration, while support teams who require video and audio integrated calls with clients be given the freedom to discuss matters at hand freely too. The new workspace layout has over 150 team members calling it their base.

The design and layout

The floor is split into a number of sections:

Condeco Workspace - Gurgaon, India

The workspace has a main open section that accommodates the bulk of the team members (all of engineering and L2/L3 Support, Product Delivery and Platform Management teams, as well as the admin and sales functions).

Condeco Workspace - Gurgaon, India

A smaller, quieter section, is dedicated to the L1 support team. This team runs within a 24/7 timeframe, and as such, even the air conditioning system is set at a different schedule to the rest of the office.

Condeco Workspace - Gurgaon, India

There is also a large screen wall to aid development and testing.

Condeco Workspace - Gurgaon, India

The desks are zoned into product teams – with a mix of Software Development and QA teams, as well as the Support teams.

Meeting and collaborative spaces

Creating effective and efficient meeting spaces was important in the design of the new workspace.

There are four meeting rooms (two of which can be joined to form a large linked room), one training room and five booth-style spots.

Condeco Workspace - Gurgaon, India

Mark Flowers, Condeco Development Director, has stated that collaborative space was a key consideration in the floor design.

Condeco Workspace - Gurgaon, India

The structural pillars all have whiteboards for ad hoc discussion, while there are also a few larger whiteboard walls for large architectural drawings.

Condeco Workspace - Gurgaon, India

Along one side is a breakout area with soft furnishing and a high stool/stand-up pillar, which is ideal for a change of scene.

Condeco Workspace - Gurgaon, India

“My favourite part of the office is the three open breakout ‘rooms’ which have sofas and large whiteboards.” ~ Mark Flowers, Condeco Development Director

Condeco Workspace - Gurgaon, India

These break rooms are “perfect for any ad hoc discussion or slightly longer architectural discussion“, Mark continued to say.

Along with this, there is also a large kitchen and dining area.

Workplace technology hub

Condeco is at the heart of the technology industry, offering clients the opportunity to better utilise their workspaces and maximise output through the latest in workspace management solutions. Our own office spaces are testament to this through the utilisation of the Condeco suite of solutions:

Condeco Workspace - Gurgaon, IndiaRoom screens are all in place and actively used to now book and manage meetings.

Condeco Workspace - Gurgaon, India

Desk screens are to be deployed in the coming months.

With the shift towards Microsoft Azure, Condeco engineers are focused on using the latest technologies accordingly; and staying ahead of the workplace trends with the implementation of ad-on features to the solutions suite such as Skype for Business, video integration technology.

Team culture

The new office is open, inviting, and provides team members improved ways to work together, collaboratively in a welcoming environment.

Condeco Workspace - Gurgaon, India

The team culture is not only collaborative, but committed to keeping at the edge of technology trends, bringing in new team members that are committed to enhancing the solutions suite to bolster the clients’ needs.

Team lunches, birthday celebrations, new team member inductions as well as internal hackathons, are just some of the fun attributes that are enjoyed.

Having motivated professionals join Team Condeco who are eager to further their careers and gain invaluable business knowledge, means we continue to define innovative ideas for the future.

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*Thank you to both Mark Flowers and Mundeep Khurana for their contribution to this article.

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