Thursday 7th July 2016

Desk booking not only has benefits for an entire organisation, but also the individual workers. Here’s 4 top reasons why you should consider desk booking for your office.

1. Higher utilisation

Look around your office, how many seats are empty right now? We’ve discovered that the average office’s desk utilisation is only 38%. Just think about it – how often are you sat in the office – at your desk? Throw in some meetings, working from home, lunchtimes and break out spaces, you probably don’t sit there as often as you might have originally thought. Now multiply that across your whole organisation and you can start to see just how much of your workspace is left empty.

desk_booking.jpgDesk booking allows you to keep better track of how much people are using the desks, and devise new plans for the unused space.

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2. Increased productivity

I think we’ve all walked into an office at some point and spent a good few minutes searching for a free desk. Sometimes you settle in a seat because someone is on holiday or out for the rest of the day – but once they’re back in, you begin the search again. If people can come in to an office, sit down and start working straight away, that’s already increasing productivity.

For certain projects, you might want to work with particular teams or people, so enabling people to choose which desk they want to work at will make collaboration easier and people can avoid scheduling meetings.

With noise disruption rising in the office and a greater need for agile working, providing people with the workspaces they need and allowing them the flexibility to choose where they sit is vital for a happier, more productive workforce.

workstation_cost.jpg3. Reduced costs

As mentioned above, desk utilization is generally pretty poor in offices which leads to masses of unused space and resources. It’s not only the desks that take up space, your business is also paying for the sq. ft., the computer, the chair, the cabling, the lighting the phone etc. The average cost to operate a workstation is £5,746, so when you look at those empty desks around you, think of that cost floating above them and how it could be better spent.

Desk booking software will help you reduce those wasted costs by making sure you only have the desks and resources you need.

4. Encourage flexible working

Every person has a different working style, so it’s important to provide workspaces and flexible working policies that suite your people. Whilst millennials tend to be more open to working in different areas, you cannot forget about the other generations working in your organisation – in fact these people are even more important to please. Without the right working environment, people can quickly become de-motivated and frustrated, which can eventually impact your retention.

Desk booking software helps you identify your different workers and provide flexible solutions for the people that are in need of it. Each person faces their own set of challenges both in and out of the office, so giving your workforce options is a good starting point.

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