Friday 8th March 2019

The workplace is a continuously evolving and changing environment and in recent years there has been a rise in the number of women in the workforce, specifically in the technology industry. Over in the US, Women hold 11% of leadership positions at Silicon Valley companies. Here at Condeco, women represent 14% of our global leadership team and overall, women represent 23% of our entire workforce, which is higher than the UK national average of 17%.

We are also excited to see that in our recent global workplace technology survey, 56% of respondents were female, from a range of sectors within leadership positions. The biggest representation of women was in Singapore.

This International Women’s Day, we asked some of our global team for their insight on workplace design, technology, solutions, and innovation. Here’s what they had to say:

Paris is always a good idea 

When it comes to the workplace, we all have our own frustrations, but are they the same as our colleagues, suppliers and customers across the globe? Zena Rabia, Senior Marketing Manager, Paris uncovers frustrations in the workplace with her article European organisations reveal their biggest gripes.

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Denver, Colorado

Learn more about how to solve meeting room no-shows from Jill Duncan, Channel Development Manager, Denver, Colorado. Managing meetings in a busy organization sounds simple, but in fact there can be a true art to getting it right. Jill looks into the humble meeting and how to solve the old aged problem of meeting room no-shows. Read more


Leona Seng, Marketing Manager, Singapore, manages Thought Leadership events in Asia Pacific. She shares her top tips for creating great quality meetings, with best practice from Singapore businesses. Love them or hate them, meetings are a part of our daily working lives, but it seems the majority of us haven’t got it quite right. Find out more from Leona on how our friends in Singapore managed those all-important meetings. Read more

At Condeco we love to encourage and develop young, home-grown talent into our teams – many of these are young women, who are incredibly bright and driven, both in terms of achieving personal and business success. I believe most of these young individuals want to be part of, and thrive in a collaborative workplace – contrary to belief that all gen Z’s are insular and want to work in isolation.

Our environment is most innovative and productive when it has a mix of diversity; with people from all backgrounds and experiences working together.” – Lynda Lowe, Chief Marketing Officer, Condeco

London Calling…

Poonam Bharj, Business Development Director, London delves into workplace design as she shares her thoughts on the open plan layout in the workplace. The open plan layout has been part of our working lives for many years. Poonam takes a look at workplace design and how the open plan office layout has evolved over the years to become part of a modern office. Read more.

Poonam Bhaj, International Women's Day, Condeco

Poonam Bharj speaking the IWFIM Conference, 2019, in central London

Only 13.5 percent of those working in machine learning are female – Why are AI Assistants Female?

Could Holograms in the workplace be a part of our future? Sunita Pachova, Business Development Manager, London discusses Holograms in the workplace. Often thought of as Science Fiction, but are now more common place than we realise, as they are slowly entering our reality at home and in the workplace. Statistics show that by 2020, the hologram / video display market will be worth up to $5.5 billion. It seems holograms are expected to become more mainstream in the coming years, but how will this affect the workplace? Read more

Blog image - Sunita

Sunita Pachova, hosting an event “Creating productivity in the Workplace” at Oktra, Central London.

Workplaces which are truly inclusive, from technology, to employees and processes; bring a greater dimension of creativity, inspiration, innovation and engagement.” – Paul Statham, CEO, Condeco

Gurgaon, India

Shivika Garg, Support Manager in Gurgaon, India, shares her insight on the workplace, from technology, leadership, passion and respect. In her second year at Condeco, Shivika has transformed the communication and engagement levels within her department. Although very modest, Shivika is a shining star within the support team, and prides herself on a team which has developed open communication and collaboration. Find out more about Shivika.

New York, New York

Michelle Hendey, Customer Success Manager, New York shares her future predictions on Video Conferencing technology in the workplace. Video conferencing has changed the landscape of the workforce, dramatically changing over the last ten years. This technology has many benefits to businesses, from productivity to cost saving, allowing global teams to be able to collaborate more freely. Read more about Michelle’s predictions on Video Conferencing.

It’s an exciting time to be part of a global team that provide continuous innovation to the diverse workspace community – regardless of background or generation, people need the tools that create an environment where collaboration and creativity can flow freely.” – Donna Forshaw, VP of Sales, America, Condeco

G’day from Australia

Australia has embraced activity-based working and is now leading the way with other workplace trends and innovation. Our very own Alex White, Operations Director ANZ, Australia, discusses the impact of activity-based working in Australia, and how this has positively affected workplaces across the country. Read more

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